Audience Au24 speaker cables with Vandersteen

If anyone is using these wires with Vandersteen speakers, are you bi-wiring or using a single run? Richard Vandersteen has a strong preference for bi-wiring his speakers, but Audience recommends using single runs of their wires. There is a section on their site which says the problems and faults that arise from bi-wiring are seldom mentioned. I'm using AZ Satori Shotgun double mono bi-wires with Vandy 3A Signatures. I've been pleased but the switch from HT Pro Silway III interconnects to Au24s was quite nice, so I'm buying Au24 speaker wire.
I think if you talk to Audience, they will tell you that Vandersteen's are an exception to their thought on this. I would biwire them no matter what I used.
By the way, what changes did you notice switching from the HT PSW III cables to the Au24's?
I use these with my 3a Sigs and also use the Satori's in a biwire. I do use balanced interconnects with my Aesthetix Calypso driving the Ayre V5x amp.
I hope you're right because I purchased some Au24 bi-wires today. Regarding the comparison of the Au24 interconnects to the HT PSW III, the differences were not huge, but better defined bass, and a more transparent presentation overall. The HT interconnects seemed to add a bit of dark character. I'm running Au24 single ended from my phono stage and CDP to a Belles 21A pre, and JPS Labs Superconductor FX balanced to a pair of Belles 150A Reference amps operating as mono blocks.
i am auditoning the au-24 and i am really surprised such big sound comes from such small cables (they are still in the process of breaking in).

Btw, the people at audience are very nice, i called them up and left them a deposit for a 30 day audition. and they reffered some local dealers if i wish to purchase them.

The vandesteens are definetly designed to be bi-wired. if you wish, you can compare the jumpers to the extra pair.

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Bigtee it looks like you've made some changes to your system since we last corresponded months ago. How do you like the Ayre V5x compared to the Belles 350A you had? I know you really liked the Belles, said it controlled the 3A Signatures better than the Dreadnaught 1 you had before that. And the Aesthetix Calypso, I'm envious, others have told it me it sounds wonderful. Besides its great ease of use with so much controlled by remote (which I miss a little with my Belles 21A), how does it sound compared to the Audible Illusions L-2 you had? Your review of the L-2 was nicely written and gave the impression you may have found a pre you could be happy with for a long time. If you like the Calypso better than the L-2, then I definitely can see one of these in my system maybe next year. Do you still have the 2Wq subs we did the deal on? Cheers, Jeff.

there's a review on of the au24 ic and sc's. the reviewer used vandy 3a's. unequivocably stated biwire is better.

aloha keith
I still have the L-2 and am in the process of making a comparison between te L-2 and the Calypso. I can say this with certainty, for the money, the L-2 is a no brainer. $2495 vs $4500. The L-2 is currently running neck and neck. The Calypso may have the slightest of edges on transparency and it seems to deliver music with a hair more musicality. However, the L-2 may be more neutral! We'll see.
For $4500, the Calypso delivers nice looks and premium parts and build with lots of features. The L-2 is about the music and not so much fancy looks and features. The one thing I do like about the Calypso is the balanced outputs.
The Ayre V5x is a nice amp but here again, I think you get more value for the money with the Belles. The Ayre may be a touch more transparent and it is holographic BUT it is lighter in the bottom. Overall, I think the Belles wins out at this point. However, neither the Calypso or the Ayre are broken in. Things could change.
I haven't really had any poorly performing equipment through my system. It all has its strengths and weaknesses. I think it comes down to taste and not a quality issue.
One of these days I'm going to listen to that Reference 150a! I still like the L-2 and I like the Calypso just like I like the Ayre and the 350a. It's going to take some doings to pick a pair to keep. I've run out of money so one pair is going to go and one stay!
I appreciate the feedback Bigtee regarding the L-2 and Calypso. Too bad we live at opposite ends of the country, you could try my Belles 150A Ref amps and maybe I could try something of yours. I still have one pair of HT Pro Silway III interconnects so put them between the CDP and pre for another listen. Frankly, not a lot of difference to my perhaps untrained ear, but the HT cables seemed to be warmer and I felt this was coming from the cables, not the music. At times that warmth seemed pleasant but not as natural.
I am using Au 24's with Vandy 5's in the biwire cofig. Fantastic sound. The best speaker Cable I have auditioned.