Audience PowerChord e or se

What are the differences between the Audience PowerChord e version and the se version? Is it just the connectors, or is the actual cable different too? Are the differences distinctly noticeable sonically?
Excellent question. I have 2 Audience Powerchords "e" and have been waiting for a review of the "se" version to
help me decide whether to send them to Audience for upgrade
(Expensive)or to upgrade the connectors myself at lower cost.

I want to say that either the November or December 2013 issue of Stereophile, features a segment on the new Audience 'se' cables/cords.
I had my power chord e's upgraded to SE as well as my AU24e RCA interconnects. Well worth the money but I did not test them separately, upgraded all at the same time. Much better fine detail, bass better defined and more present. I really liked the new Cardas plug ends on the powerchords. The jackets were changed as well. Overall all new chords, I am happy and felt the cost worth it.

I'm sure it's system dependent but I preferred the e over the SE. I found the e to sound more natural, fuller and richer in texture; the SE was thinner sounding in comparison and I didn't care for them and they were fully broken-in on my Audiodharma and allowed to settle into my system after a few weeks...
I would like to know to which component your powerchord "e" was connected. I have 2 powerchords "e" in my system. One is connected to my Sony SACD/CD player and the other to my REL B2 subwoofer. Based on your experience I will not upgrade the one on the subwoofer. On the CD player I am prepared to accept
a slightly thinner sound in exchange for higher resolution.
Can you confirm there was a significant improvement in resolution? Thanks for helping out.
Upgraded to SE power cords on 2 AR6TSS line conditioners cleaner ,fuller and more resolution.Jump on the upgrade ASAP!!
Have you compared the Powerchord e to the AU24 Powerchord? If so, what were the differences? I was thinking of making the jump to the AU24e MP, since my integtrated amp is within the 50W-150W rating of the MP. I'm not sure if I want to spend the extra money as opposed to sending my Powerchord e in for the se upgrade.
Thank you for starting this conversation. I did not know the Audience AU24SE power cord was available in different versions. In addition to the standard and widely reviewed AU24 SE, The cable company lists 2 additional versions, with reduced prices, on their website:
AU24 SE - Low power
AU24 SE - Medium power
This is great news. I look forward to reading comments on the difference between the powerchord and the AU24 cables.

comments on the on the the

The December, 2013 Stereophile review applies only to the Audience Au24 SE interconnects.
Just upgraded to the AU24se power cord and it's redefined for me what a power cord is capable of.
I have been enjoying the Audience AU24 SE (MP)power cable for about 3 months. They replaced an Audience powerchord "e" on my Sony 5400ES SACD player. This is a cable of reference quality, and very good value. I still use a powerchord "e" on my subwoofer, where it performs admirably.
Thanks! for sharing -Macdude & Nyame. I have been saying this for many, many years now- "Cables/Power Cords DO make a difference"!

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I've stopped looking at power cords since upgrading to the AU24se. They're that good.