Audio Aero Capitole 24/192... anyone know if the

Anyone know if this version also has digital volume control from the remote and analog volume control from the front panel knob? The manual doesn't say.

From my experiences with that player it is an analog volume attenuation regardless of you using the control on the unit or the remote. I do know on the Mk I there are two different remotes, both of which can control the volume- I don't see how they could make one volume digital and one analog. But when in doubt call a dealer they will be able to clear up the confusion; I haven't used a MkI in over 6 months so my memory may be a little fuzzy.
Capitole MKI remote control can attenuate the volume in the Analog domain or in the digital. The first one allow you to move the volumen knob from the remote.

If you press CD, only the digital control will work, but if you press CD/PRE, you will be using the analog volumen control that is much better.

The reason I am wondering about this is that the original Soundstage review stated there were both digital and analog volume controls and that the remote only controlled the digital volume control and the front panel the analog volume control. I don't know if this has been changed on the 24/192?

Also, anyone know if it is possible to lower the step changes in volume from the remote (ie. make finer increments)?

I have the Capitole (not the 24bit but the one with single bit) with the manual says the volume control at the remote controls both analog and digital at the same time.
Why not ask M. Combelles at the company? I've received two helpful replies to my emails, though it may take a little time. I've assumed that the volume control manual knob is analogue and what the remote volume control is digital, but I'm not sure. The manual is the worst, least informative I've ever seen, except for a cheap Radio Shack multitester, circa 1955, made in Japan, whose manual's English was very much made in Japan. Good luck! I found the email address somewhere on their web site.
Rcr is correct. Digital atten functions after you press "CD"; analog atten functions after you press "CDPRE". Front panel knob is analog regardless, afaik.
Well I guess I learn something new everyday! Now that I have learnt it I can go back to being brain dead :) thanks for clearing it up Rcr.
Uggh... I don't have a "CD/Pre" button on the remote. I have the LCD remote and the only way I can control volume is by pressing the "Sel1" button. The CD button does not give you a way to adjust volume, only tracks mainly. There is an amp button, but this does not control volume.
Germanboxers............Do yourself a favor and get the new plastic remote referred to by others in this post. You can probably get one through your dealer or distributor. It may be "cheap" looking, but provides far greater functionality such as the digital volume control capability for the MK I player. The "new" remote also allows you to smoothly adjust the analog volume and allows you to direct access tracks with ease, unlike the LCD remote.