Audio Aero Capitole 24/196

Does anybody have a service manual/schematic for the Audio Aero Capitole, I have the second version but not the mark 2. My unit has a power issue, it will not turn on. The unit was just returned from France where it underwent inspection, bringing it back to spec and new sub miniature tubes. As this happened in shipping, I am of the belief that it is either a loose wire or a cracked solder joint. I have a good electrical guy that can trace the likely culprit point if I can get a schematic. Anybody?

Thanks so much.
If you are in the US or Canada contact Jody at Globe Audio Marketing. He is very accommadating and will help you out. Good luck
Ditto on the suggestion to contact Globe.

Also, I strongly suggest you do not have anyone but an Audio Aero qualified technician look into it.
Ckoffend... My Capitole 24/192 just lost power yesterday for no apparent reason. I'm gong to try changing the fuses first before I send it in for repairs. Pleast let me know what you find out.
Pdreher, I tried reaching Jody a couple of times but have not yet made contact. The whole topic sort of fell off my urgent screen and now I hope to get a chance to talk to him later this week. When I find something out I will post it. The problem is definately not my fuses.
I tried changing the fuses to no avail. Today I shipped my unit out to Audio Aero's NA Service Center in California.