Audio Artistry Beethoven Elite


i inherited a pair of Beethoven Elite by Audio Artistry but i dont know how to use them. Are they hard to use?


No, not hard. just hook up the main panels like normal. Think you must hook up the (external) bass crossover before running wire to the subwoofers. This is from memory (24 years ago). I had a pair of AA Dvoraks which are the same configuration. Hope this helps.

@dweller We must have different interpretations of hard! Don't you need at least two stereo or 4 mono amps to run these? Killer speakers once you do get them running @francij8 !

It's been a long time and I don't remember using a separate amp for the subs. However, looking at the crossover, on Bing Images, it appears that two stereo amps are necessary. Plug the output from your preamp into the crossover (left/right in) and route the left/right outs to the main amp and left/right sub-out to the subwoofer amps. Trying to remember what amp I used for the subs.

Goof Luck 


After much pondering, I believe I employed an Adcom GFA-535 for subwoofer duties. Seemed to work well. I know it wasn't anything fancy.

Thanks to both of you. I will try it and i have a friend who have some knowledge on speakers. I will get help so I will not destroy these speakers.