Audio GD DiV3 users feedback and comparison

Im hoping to add a USB/SPDIF converter to my setup and was leaning toward the JK USB/SPDIF mk3. I then ran across a converter shootout and even though it was not part of device list it was compared to more expensive combo setups in user feedback to shootout review.

I'm considering the Audio GD DI V3 +TCXO chip with LiPo battery and i"m hoping to get feedback from users or others that have compared this new Di to others!!

Hi Swansong, I wish I could help, I can't give you the info that you are after, but input that might help.
I have the DI-V2 DSP with all the upgrades. Kingwa used a Tenor TE8802 24/192 chip with his DSP processor, I had both clocks upgraded to the TCXO and I use the LiPo battery packs.

I have only owned 2 other very inexpensive USB converters. My Dac has the Tenor 7702 usb chip for its own USB input. There is no comparison, with the Audio-Gd on a SPDIF input, it simply blows away my DAC without the converter. All I can tell you is that nothing has been this good in my system converting my music files.
There has been several issues with my 8802 chip and keeping from dropping drivers, I drop drivers and have to reload them on occasion. Kingwa didn't make very many of the V2 before he switched to the V3 and the 32 Bit USB drivers that he is now using on his entire line. He has told me that the V3 no longer requires the DSP processor, but in the end result, The V2 with the processor had a lower jitter than the V3. With that, I have just kept the V2 and dealt with Driver issues. My instincts are that the DI-V3 is a ton of bang for the buck, but just no press out there. I'd love to see how it compares with the 4 or 5 converters in the sub $500 price range. Hopefully someone will soon or recently gave it a try and will chime in.
Good luck, Tim
Hi Swansong,
I was just looking at this link... read down there are some comparisons of the Audio-Gd v3 to some of the best. Good Luck, Tim
I guess you've seen this?
Hi Swansong, I now see why you never answer any of the suggestions above, I have found you on every forum out there reading about this converter.... It would be nice if you would update the rest of us with the info that you have found...