Audio GE Teddy

Anyone bought one of these yet from Underwood Hifi or heard them? Described as a poor mans Harbeth. May be looking for something comfy sounding for the living room with fireplace which is kinda what the 6 Moons review eludes to. Although with this particular reviewer it’s really hard to read between all his fancy BS and poetic waxing.

I was immediately skeptical ($1888 delivered? Lithuania? (no offense to any Lithuanians who might read this)) but it would be interesting if I was wrong.
Audio Solutions speakers are manufactured in Lithuania and are very highly regarded.

Interesting driver complement.  The Graham LS 5/8 is a two-way which uses a 12" mid-woofer.

I have AudioSolutions Figaro S now.And believe me Spendor d7.2 and Kudos titan 505 sounded like a crap next to them. That wasn’t even the same league.

And now I have Lithuanian amp on order (Rada Valkyrie) that wipes the floor with majority of amps  that are 3 times more in price.

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After several placement attempts, they actually sound great. I just picked these up and they are very beautifully crafted, wonderful Zebrawood veneer, though my set has the aluminum Scanspeak woofers ( I contacted the designer re no paper cones...). I am powering them with a Rogue integrated, using a quad of el38s, which are supplying more than enough to make the Teddys sing. the Teddy have just fantastic bass, and appear to be a hybrid transmission/reflex design