Audio Note Cobra or Ayon Scorpio II


I have been auditioning different integrated amps for my Forte IVs…I have narrowed it down to the Audio Note Cobra or the Ayon Scorpio II, anyone have a opinion on which one they would prefer…

tried so far,

‘Primaluna EVO 400, Sudgen, McIntosh MA 252, Dennis Had, 




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-looks the Ayon is way better looking then the bland looking cobra.

-The cobra has a nice DAC built in.

-Either has more power then you need so that’s not a consideration.

-I do prefer the el34 over the KT series on the heritage series. both have that option but I know Audionote makes a great el34 amp.

I’ve not heard the Ayon, but I have heard the cobra in a couple systems both with Audionote speakers and they sounded wonderful. if you get a chance to listen to both I would.

If it wasn’t for the looks of the Audionote stuff I would own them again but they cheep out on the looks too much for the price IMO.

What didn't you like about the Sungden? I've been thinking of trying one myself.



The Sugden was a little harsh on top, probably would be good with other speakers, not with Klipsch…The Cobra in the Audio Note line up is probably the best value. The Ayon looks interesting….

thanks for the response about the Sugden. good luck. 

I'd suggest another option. I ran Triode labs 2A3 SET's with my LaScala's and they were some of the best tube amps I've owned or heard. Triode labs / Finale Audio out of Toronto make some stellar Tube amps for the money. no remotes though. 

Also another friend uses a 300b; Elekit TU-8600S 300B. He had a local guy build it for him. he ran that on a set of new Cornwall's and it was shockingly good for $2000.