Audio quest Rocket 88 how good are they?

Recently I needed to use a store credit. Considering that my speaker cables kimber 12 T are my oldest link in my system, I went for an upgrade. Soon I will be receiving a pair of biwired Rocket 88 72 DBS. I have Belles elctronics and Vandersteen 2CE sig. How much of improvement should I expect? Vandersteen owners, lets hear your experience.


Better? Maybe. Different? Sure. Those old amps still have a loyal following.

I used a pair of Rocket 88 cables with Vandy 2CEs (not signature) in my main system for about 5 years, I thought they sounded great, no complaints whatsoever.  They are also decently flexible, which was nice as the Vandersteen's binding posts aren't near the bottom of the speaker.

I preferred Rocket 33s to Kimber 12 TC when I was auditioning in my system. I think you will hear a difference and preference will be based on your tastes including your musical selection.

hifiguy42 it’s funny you mentioned that because I also used to use Rocket 88 on my Vandersteen 2CE Sig II for a few years and love it driven by my Macintosh MC 601 model block and really no regrets but I now moved up to the Crystal Clear Cable the Magnum Opus (Silver) and made a huge difference. You can’t go wrong with the Rocket 88

I have a pair of slightly too short Rocket 33s that were recommended by Bill Low himself when I talked to him at a local hifi joint. Great cables that I stashed away hoping they’ll grow longer. I currently use the revised and ridiculously inexpensive Kimber 8PRs and they’re also great sounding. AQ Type 8s are also highly recommended bargain cables currently in my ever growing cable museum.


let us know.
When ever I add something to my system, I do a little listening test and write some notes, then do it again without reading my notes, so there’s no biases.  Mine were nice out of the box and I wrote some notes. About a month later I listened to the same songs and wrote some notes.  Then I compared my notes. The bass improved and the high end was about the same, maybe a bit clearer.

Have fun!