Audio Research REF 6 to REF 6SE upgrade.

UPDATE””””””””” I just got off the phone with Audio Research about the REF 6 to 6SE upgrade and I was told that the price of the upgrade went up from last year from $3500 to $5000. I was pretty shocked. Also he said that it will not have to be done by the service dept as they have a guy who strictly does Ref 6 upgrades. as all parts are in stock and it will only take 14 days turn around time. 

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I figure that if my grandson gets into audio that by 2070 he'll be able to buy an upgrade to his Audio Research Reference 50 Mark 15 for a mere $$25,000! 

Well, I love my ARC REF6 and I have very little interest in paying $5K to upgrade it.  I suspect that as with a lot of upgrades, the improvements might be audible, but not by much.  I am sure that there is something that I can upgrade for $5K that will make a bigger difference.  But hey, if you've got money to burn, an improvement is an improvement, however small it might be.

I was a long time ARC owner starting back in the mid-70s, do they offer a trade up program? That might make sense but the bean counters often rule. I haven't deal with them in more than the decade, Zane was gone but Len had just left parts and service. 

I've been with Lamm since 2006 and yes, there are hiccups. But to be expected. 

wm. Johnson is long gone. Vlad passed away. 

We can only hope that the companies not only respect their legacy but their customers. 

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I just saw that they are a step short of filing for bankruptcy. The company was placed in receivership. A company called Lighthouse Group has been assigned all their assets. Hopefully someone will buy them, maybe an agreement has already been made, but this is sad.