Audio Science Review = "The better the measurement, the better the sound" philosophy

"Audiophiles are Snobs"  Youtube features an idiot!  He states, with no equivocation,  that $5,000 and $10,000 speakers sound equally good and a $500 and $5,000 integrated amp sound equally good.  He is either deaf or a liar or both! 

There is a site filled with posters like him called Audio Science Review.  If a reasonable person posts, they immediately tear him down, using selected words and/or sentences from the reasonable poster as100% proof that the audiophile is dumb and stupid with his money. They also occasionally state that the high end audio equipment/cable/tweak sellers are criminals who commit fraud on the public.  They often state that if something scientifically measures better, then it sounds better.   They give no credence to unmeasurable sound factors like PRAT and Ambiance.   Some of the posters music choices range from rap to hip hop and anything pop oriented created in the past from 1995.  

Have any of audiogon (or any other reasonable audio forum site) posters encountered this horrible group of miscreants?  


@fleschler You mentioned briefly $500 amplifiers. This is where ASR can shine. But almost exclusively review SMSL/Sabaj/Aiyima/Topping amplifiers. Is this snobbery skewed towards China amps/dacs or a budget constraint? 

Outside of ASR reviewers focus on the typical NAD, Rotel, Marantz, Yamaha and Denon amps. But there is no obvious direct comparison between China chip-module amps and classic A/B amps. 

On some YouTube comment (not ASR) some user commented that the SMSL A300 was better than the Rotel A11 Tribute at 1/3 the cost. This is the hype I'm looking for coming from ASR.

It's interesting that major Hi-Fi brands are slowly embracing class D. Maybe ASR can do some good, despite being an angry mob of bullies. 

I am a member of both forums - as well as several others. In my experience, it is the same unfortunate “Us and Them” mentality on all of them. I include this thread in that and ironically find it no better than what it hypocritically criticizes. An unfortunate byproduct of anonymous social media that slowly divides society. Personally, this miscreant just focuses on the useful and tries to ignore the bickering and name calling.

Try quora for a site where there are some quality control checks in place to help make for more useful answers to questions.