Audio shops near Clearwater, Florida

I would like to know if we have any audio shops near Clearwater, Florida. I did find Sweet Home Audio in Clearwater. But besides that, does anyone know any other shops in and around Clearwater? Any recommendations?
Thank You for letting me know Zd542.
Also found out about Looks like they are close to Clearwater.
Believe it or not, you can go to the Magnolia Audio inside the Best Buy store located in St Petersburg and see brands like McIntosh, Sonus faber, Sonance and Lutron. The store is located at: 6600 22nd Avenue N
St. Petersburg, FL 33710.

Its a shame that stores like Sensuous Sounds, Cooper for Stereo, ect... are extinct.
I never bought anything from AV South. I'm not sure how good they are to deal with. If you're willing to drive, I know a few really good places on the east coast.
Unfortunately, being a family vacation, driving to east coast is not an option.
I listened to some Wilson Audio loudspeakers today and really liked the massive sound they projected in the room. What speakers in the $8k range would produce at least 80% of this sound?
It depends on what Wilson's you're talking about, as well as the electronics driving them. My $2000 Vandersteen Model 2's have no problem besting my $10,000 Wilson Cubs, when set up properly.
Blue Jay Audio in Sarasota is my recommendation. Lots of great brands, helpful advice and no pressure sales. Oh, and the owner is an excellent guy. Oh wait, that's me.

Anyway, my shop sells Vac, Vivid, Focal, Dynaudio, Harbeth, Scansonic, Tannoy, Dali, Unison Research, Bel Canto, Naim, Luxman, Arcam, Exposure, Rega, Penaudio and several others.
Ha ha Michael. You are about 1 hour away from the beach. I will try to make it since you are relatively close. Need to convince the wife, that I need to be excused for 4 hours :-)