Audio Stores in Virginia Beach, VA area?

Anyone know of any audio stores in the Virginia Beach, VA area? I'm going to be in the area for business and would like to visit some stores.
Shame on you to waste the time of brick and mortar stores not in your own area. Buy and visit locally, and stop wasting the time of 'vacation' stores.
Sorry but I don't follow you. Are you saying I should not visit a store in your area? If you are, why not?

That's a pretty shortsighted statement, I happen to know Bryans, he visited my place about a year ago while here on business, that visit have resulted in 2 multi thousand dollar sales with him over the past year. Not exactly what I'd call waisted time.

Good Listening

I lived in Virginia Beach for a short time in the early 80s, and back then the Tidewater area was a desert wasteland when it came to anything approaching high end. For high end you had to go to Washington or Richmond.

I agree with Peter - Bryans was innocently asking about dealers in the area while he's there. Nothing wrong with that. Heck, I did that several times years ago while traveling, if for no other reason than to satisfy his curiosity about what's out there and perhaps see and hear some interesting things. I welcome people visiting Chicago to do the same here, serious or not. It's all good. Karma comes around.
As I travel with my job I like to visit stores and see what is out there. This is how I have found some really great gear over the years. I was fortunate to be in San Diego last year. I posted a question about stores in San Diego and found PBN Audio. I knew of them but really hadn't had much experience with their product. Now I'm a happy PBN customer. Simply awesome stuff.

To me visiting stores, shows, Audiophiles homes, etc. is what makes this hobby fun. I simply love to listen and find new things.

P.S. I have also found some great music while visiting different places.
Yep, traveled there for 4 years on business, and there used to be one on Highway 13 (Military Trail) of I-64 who sold Rega, Mac, and I think Linn, but it may not still be there. I was not super impressed, but it was not that bad.
If you have time to travel about 1 1/2 hours past Va Beach, you can go to Richmond and spend some time at Audio Art with Tim Harrison. I have dealt with him for the past decade. He has a great audio room at the back of his home and carries Sonus Faber, Vandersteen, Ayre, Spendor, Avalon, Jeff Rowland, Rega, etc. Very interesting guy to deal with and great at doing demos. Good consignment stuff too.
Audiowoman I actually purchased a Rowland Consummate preamp from Tim years ago. I agree Tim is an interesting guy. Need to give him a call.
Whenever I go to an audio store away from home, I buy something, if only stylus cleaner, detox, few 180gm pressings etc.
There was a time I walked into one in Chicago, fully just looking, and walked out with a 2k preamp.