audiocircle administration

i know this is a strange question to ask at this forum but, anyone know how to email an administrator at audio The questions you answer to verify Iam not a spambot are ridiculous. Since i don’t know the answer to ‘what is a four letter word for unsolicited advertising’. It’s soooooooo weird .
Try one of the Mods and see if they no how to get in touch with him. Try Bob, Jake or one of the guys that have been there a while.
What is the "Type of website (5 letters)? Nothing I try works! Trying to buy something listed for sale there.
That site is heavily moderated. But you will notice that some members get a pass if they are simpatico with the political leanings of management. Others cannot express a counter opinion, no matter how benign. It’s really just become a fan boy site for manufacturers, not much else.

Ozzy62 is correct. The site is really 10% forum and 90% selling the gear for the manufacturer's subcategories.
I'm just trying to buy a NAD M12 that a member has for sale there.
All I need is the answer to registration validation question. 5 letters "What type of website is this?" Its a little frustrating, and to be honest, I'm caring less and less. If someone can help, that's great - and if not that's ok too. 
Where did you learn how to comprehend questions? These are all easy answers to log in. "Audio", five letters.
For what it's worth, the word "audio" does not work for the challenge question: What type of website is this (5 letters)?

Stupidest moderation...ever.