Audiogon etiquette question

first - APOLOGIES - I know this isn't the right forum subsection but there seems to be no appropriate section to post under.

My problem is this:
I've been writing a seller (twice now maybe?) for the last 30 or so hours about an item they just posted for sale. I told them I wanted it and asked if it was still available and how to proceed. But no answer - I guess they COULD be away (?) but it seems odd to me. Is there any sort of process anyone can recommend to follow? I"m a bit frustrated here.
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Call the police and have them issue an APB on the seller. If that doesn't work, file a missing person's report. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to hire a PI as well.
If the ad can still be viewed, the item is still available.
Like Viridian said, make an offer.
Agree that making a firm, binding, official offer is the way to proceed. I would not assume it is still available, as many sellers list on multiple sites. Audiogon sellers unfortunately learn the difference between an actual offer and an interest in purchasing at an unstated price.
Its a holiday weekend. buddy. This is a hot item for you but for the seller, he's on holiday. He already listed it. he has nothing to do but to get paid, maybe answer a question or two. Put in your buy now, pay for it with paypal and wait for the tracking nuber.
You can make all the offers you want, but the seller still has to accept it.
Correct, but usually anything other than a low or lower ball offer gets attention.
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Good manners are not the rule on Audiogon as many of the replies to your post demonstrate. It does seem odd that someone would list an item and then disappear for a few days. Odd behavior before the sale often means odd behavior after the sale.

Check the seller's feedback before you do anything. No feedback or bad feedback the seller cannot explain generally means stay away. If the seller is just new to Audigon, he should be willing to go the extra mile in communications to resolve any doubts you may have. For example, this can be done by the seller posting to the ad pictures that you have specifically requested, like a picture of speakers with the left grille on and the right off.

If you're anxious to buy because the price is too good to pass up, that's another red flag. When in doubt, pass it up. There will almost always be other opportunities to buy the item. Patience is important to having good buying experiences on Audiogon.

If you just cannot wait to buy this item, you can make an offer, as others have suggested, or hit the Buy It Now button, which makes it yours at the seller's asking terms. But that's taking a chance on getting burned.
I always answer questions, but the amount of tire kicking and low ball offers has risen dramatically over the past few years. Endless questions followed by low ball offers is quite common. It is a joy to every once in a while run into a decisive and professional buyer/seller.
Message the seller with an offer he would not likely refuse, then ignore his reply. There will always be something else better or a better deal. Unless of course you made a lowball offer.
A good etiquette would be to "acknowledge" folks who have responded to your post.
Even someone who is "on holiday", as you Brits like to call it, has no excuse in today's society. Even neophytes are well connected as they travel. People can't seem to put their smart phones down long enough to enjoy a meal. So chances are very good the seller knows you are trying to contact him.

My vote is that the item is sold and he is just ignoring you, as many sellers tend to do.

"Good etiquette" as defined by each of us has little bearing on wether the person is a good and responsible seller or not. He is there (here) to sell an item; not to make friends. Some of us want to connect with other members of the audiophile club. Others are drier and more to the point with no interest in social fluff. Nothing wrong with that and no indication of wether the transaction will be a good one. I prefer to consider feedback, good photos, clarity and thoroughness in the ad and item description when deciding wether the seller is going to get my money. Make an offer; that's all.
To Jw - what has the result been, did you hear from the seller or make an offer?