Ive found audioholics youtube videos very informative. Gene seems to know his sh... , but my knowledge base is about 00.  Building....If anyone is familiar with his videos I'm curious to know your opinion. Is he reputable?  Seems to give fair evaluations as far as i can tell. 


I was a subscriber to Audioholics and learned a lot from it but their emphasis seemed to move to home theatre and away from stereo and music.

True. Hes done some reviews of a couple products 2 channel related that im interested in. The Anthem str preamp and the NAD M66. I dont get the impression that hes trying to sell a product. He does alot of measurement comparisons that are Chinese to me but it seems that i can trust what hes saying is accurate.  Just my take. 



Gene is legit. His opinions and mine don't always agree, but then, neither do anyone else's. 😉

Gene went to war with Synergistic Research calling their product snake oil.

Here’s Ted Denney offering Gene up a challenge.

Don't think Gene took  him up on it.

Synergistic Research vs Audioholics Video Two (

His interviews with Matt Poes and Anthony Grimani are of special interest. Look for those names.

Usually, I don't trust grown men with star trek figures as decoration, but I guess we're largely among man-children so it's all good.

I just checked out the synergistic research site.  I dont know much but it sure looks like a bunch of over priced crap.  Watched the youtube video too.  Any salesman that uses a flag as a backdrop gives me the creeps.  He must think that by throwing a flag behind him we are supposed to think that somehow makes him a God fearing, virtuous, trustworthy American....Im throwin the bullshit flag.  No thanks!!  The flag aint a prop.  

 Is he reputable? - No.

You would be better off reading what is shared on this forum.

IMO, good reviews and advice can be obtained from such stalwarts as

Steve Guttenberg and John Darko.

Gene knows his stuff and is unafraid to call a spade a shovel.  Ted, on the other hand, has a line of highly questionable, nonsense products for which he charges obscene amounts.  His interactions with forum members that question his products get nasty very quickly and name calling ensues.  Even the video shown above places menacing-looking Latino men directly behind him.  His videos showing his factory clearly shows a totally non-technical crew that is performing menial tasks with nary a soldering iron in sight.    I can only assume that Gene felt that any tests performed at Denney's place would be far from honest, and I would agree with that.  

Steve Guttenberg and John Darko.

I found them entertaining and a good entry into watching reviews but not very educational

I find Paul from PS audio very informative too.  Brief and to the point. He puts things in terms that a newbie like myself can understand.  Seems like a good dude.  

Audiophilliac (Steve Guttenberg), John Darko, I'll also throw in Tarun at A British Audiophile, OCD Mikey if you can put up with the yelling and that he is a dealer, Dannie Ritchie at GR-Research, Ron Brenay New Record Day. I may not like all I hear from each one, but I believe all of those are trying to be helpful and (most) do not BS

Not sure about Gene but he seems to know what he’s doing. Disregard all European reviewers or The Absolute Sound because they don’t have the balls to compare any review component to anything else, which is near useless and because they don’t wanna be held accountable for any of their conclusions. Absolute pu$$ies IMHO.  Soundstage does a nice job as does especially if you’re into headphones. 

Since Matt Poes was mentioned I saw his YouTube today of his own HT. Matt is a client of mine and will be involved in building my new 2CH/ Home Theater this year.

Anyway he is brilliant. Watch the video interview of him in his home. Pay attention to the section on room acoustics, extremely informative.

Here you go. I tried to paste just the link but the whole no video comes up. The section on room acoustics is great!



Gene is a valued member of the music reproduction community whether in 2 channel or 7.6.6 mode. He strives to formulate an opinion only after careful listening and discrete measurements. He can explain what the measurements mean and why the sound being reproduced is good or excellent. I listened to his reviews after I bought the Revels and Anthem gear. I could not agree more with his opinions about the products that I love.

Thanks. I too am a fan of Anthem. Trying to decide now whether to buy the str preamp and a new streamer or get the NAD66

I've watched a bunch of Audioholics' videos and I met Gene at the 2018 AXPONA. At that same show I also went to a Synergistics demonstration and saw Mr. Denney in action. Here's my take.....

I think that Audioholics is about as reputable as any of the professional reviewers out there. I take all reviews with a grain of salt but Gene approaches the hobby from a common sense perspective and I trust most of what he says. He is a really nice guy in person and he was very easy to talk to. But I am uncomfortable with calling anything "snake oil" in this hobby because it is an attack on people's beliefs. If someone hears a difference between cables, even if I can't hear a difference myself, the difference is real to them. I don't tell people what they can and cannot hear. I also don't tell people what religion they should believe in or whether or not God exists.

Regarding Synergistic, I went to the demo in a skeptical mood. I was with my audio buddy who's ears I trust. Music was playing when we entered the room and my first thought was, "this sounds really good." They were using a big pair of Magico speakers in a large downstairs room and we got good seats.

Ted did several with/without tests. For the little HFT thingies I couldn't hear the difference but my buddy could. I think most of the people in the room heard a difference. For the Black Box gizmo that affects the bass I did hear a difference but I felt it made the sound worse. Then Ted turned off the Atmosphere tower contraption and the magnificient soundstage absolutely collapsed. I couldn't believe the difference. The soundstage went from sparkling 3 dimensions to a typical, somewhat flat, representation that I heard on most every room. Nobody will ever convince me that this Atmosphere thing is snake oil. Even though Synergistics' description sounds like techno-babble, it sure as hell did something to the sound. And remember, I'm the guy who has never been able to hear a difference in cables.

I strongly suggest that anyone who brands Synergistics as Snake Oil, or anything else for that matter, to go out of their way to hear it before coming to a hard conclusion. After that demo I became much more careful about dissing people in this hobby who are selling stuff that sounds flaky. I would really like to see Gene take up Ted's offer. There's a risk when you attack someone's credibility that you may have to eat crow if they offer a challenge like this. Right now I would say the score is Ted +1, Gene 0.

I second nice things said about Gene. I’ve met him and he has consulted with me. Just saw him again at the Tampa audio show.

Now, he has to make a living like most of us. But I honestly think he tells things as they are backed up by his own measurements. In person Gene is a very nice person and very helpful. At the show he suggested the new Marantz AV10 pre-pro over the Trinnov Altitude 16 based on the cost. He loves them both but there is a big difference in price. I really felt he was looking out for me.

@dave1980  the Poe video was very interesting. I need more diffusion in my room and now I have more to think about. Thanks.

So glad to be of a little help. Matt is amazing to be around. I did pretty well in school many years ago, have a MBA but Matt is off the charts successful, bright and kind! All his videos are great. BTW he holds a doctorate!

Im thinking about reaching out to him to see if he will help me lay out an end game plan. I make a good living but dont have the means to have a dedicated theater or listening room. So so many products out there. So many solid brands too.  Implementing and maximizing different components into ones particular situation is the hard part. The way im starting to look at it is that maybe it makes sense to spend a few bucks for advice rather than throw money at ideas and youtube reviews 

Hadn’t heard of Audioholics so I watched a couple of videos.  Guy seems to be very knowledgeable and certainly has a solid background in engineering.  He makes some sense as well talking about cables and interconnects.  However, I recently dropped a SR Purple fuse into my MA8900 and it has made an audible difference.  I have no measurements to prove this I just know I hear an audible change for the better.  Bass is more refined, tighter and more prominent.  Cymbals are cleaner, clearer and have a nice sheen to them.  A case of confirmation bias?  Maybe, but I know that I made changes to both subwoofer’s crossover and volume setting both higher due to the improvements in clarity.