Audiolab 8200CDQ

Hi. Any Audiolab 8200CDQ owners out there? I just got mine and I'm in my third hour of CD listening. It's going to be a few days before I start throwing 24 bit at it with my laptop. I'm just looking for someone to shoot the bull with about this unit. For me, this thing is like going from a Ford Escort with manual windows to a fully loaded Mercedes. There sure is a lot to this source for the money.
Yes, I have had mine for a couple of months now I think and I'm getting along quite well with it.

Unless you are spending big bucks it's tough to beat and it is very versatile. Sold my CD player and DAC and haven't looked back.

I found the Optimal Transient XD filter setting to be best but YMMV.

Running a Squeezebox Touch via coax and it's doing a fine job. I would be curios to know how you make out with the USB input. Supposedly the Touch can be tweaked to run USB out but it's tricky to get it going properly so I've decided to leave well enough alone for the moment.
From what i know the Designer of the Audiolab and the Peachtree Audio Nova is the same. How will they compare (in the dac section?)
Audiojedi. I've only had mine up and running for two days now and haven't used the USB yet, only CD's. I too like the Optimal Transient XD filter the best. Hopefully I'll be streaming 24 bit this weekend if I can find a deal on a USB cable. I might have to use the one from my printer in a pinch. I'm also very much so enjoying the Audiolab. I've read a lot of professional reviews that said to run the unit with the display turned off. Not sure I can tell the difference but that's what I'm doing anyway. I put some Herbie's Tendersoft Feet under it today and one of Herbie's weight's on top of it and I everything tightened up a little (I think....could be placebo effect).

So are you playing 24/192 from the Squeezbox? I'm not too familiar with them.

For music storage I just ordered a 2 TB Western Digital network drive on Amazon because the floods in Thailand have put the 2 largest manufacturers of hard drives under water and prices are sky rocketing. I got the 2 TB for $149 where Newegg already jacked the price up to $199 and they're supposed to go higher.

Singleendedsingle. Yes, John Westlake designed the DAC for the Peachtree. I'm not sure how they would compare. I wish I knew someone where I live who had one so we could find out. (I live in Rochester NY of anyone out there fits the description)
There are a series of threads on the CDQ on Pink Fish Media to which John Westlake has contributed. His postings suggest that the CDQ is substantially better than his previous work.
Thanks Afranta. I've read those threads. I was actually hoping the OP would find them. John Westlake has gone on record to say that the Audiolab is the DAC he's been promising to make for ages, and that it sounds better than any other digital product he has designed. As far as he's concerned, he bested the Peachtree. I've never heard a Peachtree but I own the Audiolab and it was for sure a great deal compared to what I was using as a source for almost the same amount of money. I've barely tapped into it's potential.
I'm interested in your experience with the CDQ, Donjr. I just about went for one, but finally decided against it because the pfm threads suggested that updates were ongoing, which sounded like it might be a hassle. (I didn't like what I heard about a flimsy cd tray, either.) How would you rate the software stability and build quality of your machine?
So far I rate the build quality very high for the price point but the cd tray is average. My goal is to set up a network drive and stream with my laptop (slowly rip my cd's plus losless), The cd tray is certainly no worse than any other $1 - $2K CDP I've owned. It sounds a lot better than my Rotel RCD1520. It's rather heavy for its size and the controls are top quality. the user manual is very extensive as there's a LOT you can do with this unit. I have not had the chance to use the USB, which is where this unit is supposed to shine. Hopefully in about a week i will have experienced 24 bit. The way I look at this unit is that the engineering that went into it, along with the features, makes it the best in its price point by a long shot. John Westlake said it's his best so far and he engineered the DAC for Peachtree. If you're spending under 2 grand, I would seriously consider it.
Afranta - sorry I didn't fully answer your question. I will let you know about the software. As far as I know, that's all been worked out. I'm not too concerned about the transport. The technology that went into jitter control on this unit you could keep it on top of your washing machine. It took me awhile to figure out why this was reviewed so well and if all these reviewers were just pals with John Westlake. I think the real deal is that it's just a cutting edge machine at a great deal. For me, it's a 2 year gig in my system. I will not part with my Rogue or my Harbeths, but a source is something that's renting space in my home and it will always be that way.
Thanks, Donjr. Your very informative posts have me thinking that I should reconsider the CDQ!
Audiojedi. Do you keep the volume on the 8200 all the way up and control the volume through your pre amp or integrated?

I've been experimenting with the USB today. I put some 24 bit music that my son has (Michael Jackson laughing) onto my network drive and I'm streaming with my laptop using Foobar 2000. This is all totally new to me. The Audiolab's owners manual is well written yet very intimidating to me because the unit can do so much.