AudioMagic Fuses Bad Quality I Do Not Recommend!!

Bought the AudioMagic Premium Fuses, now it’s starting to fall apart.   I called Jerry@AudioMagic but stated it’s passed the 30 days.   Very Disappointed! 


Another victim of the fuse swindlers! Stick to Buss/Littel fuses and save your money!

Audiophool defusing is remedied by purchasing good components/speakers  setup appropriately with realistic expectations.

What is the world coming to, when scam artists can't even have the decency to use a quality fuse to make their $225 Premier Bees Wax Super Fuse.

Just to put my two cents in...I have used Audio Magic cables and conditioners for many years and have had nothing but positive interaction with Jerry.

The end caps are falling apart, you can see stuff gushing out and i don’t know if it’s even safe?  Just bad craftsmanship!! 


Just pay your 20c.for a normal standard properly built fuse, mass produced in their millions.

You can paint it red if it makes you feel better.

If "stuff gushing out" I'd not be using the fuse, sounds like a hazard waiting to happen. Call the company and show pics and inform them if a fire happens you will file a law suit, that should make them replace the fuse for you.

So, the liquid's coefficient of expansion exceeds that of the glass and metal, forcing the fluid out when the thing heats up? Great engineering.

Who in the blazes thinks it's a good idea to insert something full of liquid inside a piece of electronic gear??!

It's Jerry... the perennial IP theft machine the highest order.

This hack has been selling dangerous fuses since the dawn of modified fuse times.

Not surprised that he made something dangerous and..illegal. as in 'not certified for resale'. As it messes with the AC power section of a piece of hardware.. which, by definition, REQUIRES full testing and approval by agencies of the us federal government or it's appointed offices. After testing the approval must be prominent upon the given item that is for sale and for use in the direct AC power pathway.

AC fuses, AC power sockets, AC power switches, AC intended and utilized wiring, etc, all require government analysis, and applied testing (if deemed necessary), before gaining approval for sale to the public. One cannot just sell anything AC power related to the public, all willy-nilly.


What purpose can that liquid possibly serve??!

If it's an electrolyte, it defeats the purpose of the fuse. That's just madness I tell you! Madness!!!

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