Audiophile circuit breakers ?

Anyone got those ? I just got 2 AHP Klangmodul IIIG circuit breakers, as a "finishing touch" to my 2 dedicated AC lines, but did not have a chance to try them yet.

I'm curious of your experience on this field.
sounds very interesting: please post up a www hyperlink regarding these AHP breakers; I'd like to learn more?

Good old-fasioned ceramic body W-series fuses are reputed to sound better than circuit breakers (possibly due to fuses having no internal switch contacts, therefor no breaker-associated micro-arc noise).
AHP web address is:

Unfortunatelly the site is in German.

Look for Klangmodul II (silver contacts) and Klangmodul III (gold contacts). The ones wit "G" in their name use bigger fuse, and are said to sound better due to larger contact area.

In fact, Klangmodule DOES use ceramic fuse. It is cylindric in shape, and measures 1/2" x 2", so it is quite large. When you short circuit the AC line, you have to replace the ceramic fuse. The fuse values range from 16A to 50(!)A.
No universal breaker, depends on load center. Square D industrial load centers are the best, IMO.
Do they fit in your panel? My basic German tells me these are only DIN-Rail mount and I don't know of any UL panels that accepts DIN breakers (they accept DIN rail devices such as TVSS's). As these appear to be Euro-standard devices, they may a) be illegal for use in the US, b) not be voltage compatible, or c) requires a Euro fuse/breaker box which may not be compatible with US codes. I'm curious as to what an electrician has to say. I, also, would have an interest in these.
Gs5556 -> I live in Europe, in Poland to be precise, so I have an DIN compatible breaker box as standard.

The voltage may not be an issue (if anything, the voltage in Europe is higher than in the US). However, the mounting standard may be another story.

In any case, I'm surprised that no one tried to market circuit breakers in the US yet.
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At one time Rick at Virtual Dynamics sold cryo'ed breakers. Cryo'ed seemed to make a more relaxed presentation of the music. All the breakers, I believe were UL listed. I am not sure if they still sell them. Anyways, the difference in sound was from the cryo'ed treatment and not so much the breaker itself. Just guessing on the sound difference. Quick silver treatment also applied to the breaker and the bus bars also improves the sound. Be careful when working inside your breaker box.
I seriously find this silly. Now you stick a breaker in there but leave the main panel breaker in place. Does logic not enter into the equation here? Cryo'ed breakers here and cable cookers there so who is right? Lots of people looking for your money with spurious things as far as I am concerned.
Take a look at the Akiko Audio Cylindric Fuse Cartridge Silver.

"The Cylindric Fuse Cartridge Silver comes with two chambers: the phase unit holds the fuse, while the neutral unit contains a massive copper Neutral Link which is also silver plated for the least possible resistance."
Finding it silly, that’s what a true audiophile is. We seek the last bit of musical satisfaction by all means possible and the ones that you think will have no impact on sq does and all those crazy meaningless things that get categorized as snake oil add up and do indeed improve one,s system. 
Back in the 90,s early 2000,s I was getting all my cables and ic cryogenically treated when it was dismissed as snake oil only to be shown it does indeed make a difference now.

instead of Calling silly one should try it first.

Its all about execution , attention to detail and imagination that will take ur system from good to great and no matter what level your at even entry level in your equipment everything matters not just Uber level like some keep bla bla about.
Yes mahlman it is silly. But not for anything like the reasons you think. You may think you're being logical, but even with impeccable logic you can reach a false conclusion if your facts are all wrong. And your facts are all wrong. 

Let's think about this logically for a moment.  Hi-fi tweaks all cost money and people who call them snake oil etc have never tried any of them because  they cost money. So because  of that it leafs to a couple of conclusions  either they are to cheap to spend anything  to try it or they don't have it. The other place that also comes into play is when you try something  and you don't  like the result is being  honest enough to put it back the way it was and sucking up the loss. If  you get a breaker cyro treated and you don't like the result putting the old one back in place no harm there just an expense.  Just out a bit of money but if you don't  try you don't know and you don't  have any say about it because  you don't know. The three skills that need to be developed  if a person wants a good hi-fi is having an open mind, willinng to spend some money and omitting when you made a mistake  and putting  it back the way it was, and understanding  what really is the source of your dissatisfaction  with your system.  Sometimes  when you change something it may sound worse but the change is not the problem  it is just showing a weakness  somewhere else in a system.  


I also find in amusing  when you tell some one that they need to get a level out and make sure there speakers are absolutely  level and then level to each other and that they are symmetrical  with the room. Zero cost in doing that just some time and effort. Yet that is snake oil so does that make someone both cheap  and lazy? That also gets to the point why some people are on these forums  do they find it cool to talk big and do they really even have a basic  system? If so do they ever turn it on? Or would they rather talk about it instead of listening  to it?