Audiophile Reel to Reel Tape

There was a recent article in either Stereophile or The Absolute Sound that listed the companies that sell  and titles of Audiophile 15 ips reel to reel tape available,. I am unable to locate it, does anyone know what month or issue it came out? I am getting back into reel to reel and in the process of getting my Otari reel restored. Thank you...
I hope that you're upgrading more than just restoring the Otari.I wouldn’t bother with $400+ tapes for mine.
@fuzztone, do you use the electronics in your Otari for playback? I started off that way but converted an Otari to take the signal direct off the tape head and I have a few dedicated tape preamps that I run that signal through. Quite a difference. I also have a Stellavox SP7 with multiple head blocks, with one that takes the signal direct from the tape head. I don't think I would playback tape any other way at this point.
clio09, I'm set up the same way. Direct head playback with a ZP3. The problem was always source, back 45 years ago when I started. It was BAD back then and it just sucks now. I'm on the path of doing my own recordings. 

I like classical about 2% of the time. There is a lot of the older Jazz, Classical, some Country Western, very little POP, Rock and Roll, Blues, Salsa, Island music, or even opera.

Play back for me is either or. Direct head playback or XLR. Direct head is the bomb.. I'm just not real happy with the caps used in my ZP3, they are a bad choice when 50.00 more would have been a lot better cap. Clarity or even Mundorf. Audiophiler Caps are real BAD... LOL One of the few caps made that anything is an upgrade..

I'm Otari too. 1/4 and 1/2 play back. I stick with 1/4. I do my own tune ups. Mine was fresh when I got it.. Last year. My original gear got nicked in 2016. I just replaced it.. Everything is slow and expensive these days mercy. 4-600.00 for a tape. I don't think so.

I picked up a Mommas and the Pappas for 40.00 that was a real keeper.

5K for the Beatles or the Stones.

Me I like the look the feel and the tinkering with RtR.

Is it the best? NO! It is the most expensive and can be very good without a lot of effort if you can find good media. A vinyl rig and the available sources today are just better "all in all".

A great digital rig, I'm not stupid.. LOL they are really good too.. I use everything including the ol Victrola and 350-400 premo 78s. 

Thank you for the info, at this point I'm only restoring the Otari, but will look into other playback choices. I have about 150 factory  prerecorded tapes from the 60s and 70s but  really interested in  the current audiophile tapes but the price may be too steep for me. I have an excellent turntable, arm and cartridge and it  might be interesting  making 15 ips tapes from my LP collection.
this is the wrong forum for both information about tape and access to people directly involved in tape and are knowledgeable. you want

and specifically their reel to reel forum is here.

here is a thread there speaking to your question;