Audiophile speakers that get loud

I have Dynaudio C1s and while I like their sound, I can’t turn them up as loud in my small room as I would like to sometimes without the woofers maxing excursion. I have a JL audio sub but the C1s are not high passed. Any attempts I’ve tried to do this have lost the sound I like at lower levels. Any ideas on what I should try?

@bundy --

What high-pass filter(s) have you been using? I’m using the Xilica XP-3060 in my own setup, and find it to be virtually transparent with my (passively filtered) mains high-passed.

So, maybe the Xilica could be the solution high-passing your C1’s between 80-100Hz (the XP-2040 would do and retails for ~$1,000), and while we’re at it add another JL Audio sub. 
Stuff the ports. :)

The excursion happens because below the port, the woofers have no resistance at all.

Stuff them. This will raise the natural -3dB point up a few Hz, but greatly increase the dynamic range they can play out before they hit max.

Compensate with new sub settings.
I’m trying the plugged port idea. It definitely changes the sound and the driver excursion. I think my ultimate answer though is a 3-way speaker that has a more prominent mid-range. Any suggestions?  I’m trying to stay under $6-7k. 
Get Dynaudio contour 60s. You will not need subs. These speakers are incredible for loud dynamic playback with bass that is palpable, super deep and highly impactful; 
I test drove a pair of Usher Be-718 Tiny Dancers and I was able to push them to crazy-loud levels and they never skipped a beat. They have the added bonus of an easy WAF appearance. 
I had a pair of dynaudio audience 80’s for a week. I wanted to replace my kef R105/3’s with them and the bass lines coming from the A 80’s was impressive! Actually they were really musical,and they were the entry level at the time. If you like the Dynaudio sound(who doesn’t) go up the ladder some. 
I would recommend Usher if the op wasn't already happy with the Dyn's
Well, ATC speakers thrive on playing loud and also sound fantastic.  Music Direct sells the SCM40 v.2 for $7k I believe with a 60-day trial period.  They are floorstanders, but they’re a sealed design and only go down to 48Hz so should work fine in your room.  

If you have to have monitors there’s a pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars at US AudioMart for $3650 (List $7700) that should play plenty loud, sound amazing, and you’ll save a good bit of coin.  Best of luck.