Audioques Power cable Dragon vs Hurricane what difference in low frequencies

      Hello. I watched talks about Audioquest power cables; I understand that between Dragon and Hurrican would be a difference, but that difference was not very detailed ...! I'm not referring to the price difference. I would like to buy an Audioquest power cable for my Hegel H 300 amplifier and would like to know which of the two cables offers deeper sound and stronger bass sound?
      Has the Dragon Power Cable (which is a combination of copper and silver) a bass and lower frequent sound better than Hurricane that is only copper?  Has anyone tested the two cables and can give a correct answer because I'm interested in this feature?
     Thank you
Not what you are asking, but I have to say that your request is pretty difficult to answer, as each system will give different results.
That being said, in my limited experience using AQ products, I have found every jump to the next level offers higher resolution in sound reproduction. Whether that confers higher bass or lower sound frequencies is debatable.
You might want to either call AQ directly (yes, they do answer phone calls), or PM John Rutan (audioconnection). Both are very qualified, though John has great experience with a wide amount of equipment and can probably provide more specific information with regard to your Hegel amp.

Pretty much anything from Synergistic Research is likely to beat AudioQuest hands down in the area of "deeper sound and stronger bass sound".

I had AudioQuest Dragons. That is, until I tried SR.
Thanks for the tips ; I never heard a Synergistic Research cable; Is it really better than Dragon on all frequencies? I was thinking that there was an influence on the composition of the cable, because the internal configuration of the two Audioquest cables is probably the same ...
@adi74 before you run off and jump in another direction because of one person’s suggestion you may benefit from a second opinion. I own and use both top of the line SR (Galileo) and AQ (Dragon) in my system -- both are good, the SR emphasize fully fleshed tonality and are a great complement to digital systems (and I use them on my DCS stack) however I find them relatively "slow" on monoblocks and here Dragon excels with its unrivaled speed, absolute bass detail (which manifests as lack of bass so may explain the observation - see my notes here) and best in class dynamic range. SR is also demanding of lots of other SR ancillaries to sound its best (e.g. the grounding blocks for the current cables) so the price of entry is large -- plus SRs incessant upgrading can be annoying

So both are good but to say one "blows away" the other is entirely system dependent
Oh and btw @adi74 Dragon has been revised and is now 100% silver -- the PSS/PSC+ cable is now called Firebird. So you need to know which version of Dragon you are getting (my comments above relate to the original 11 gauge copper/silver model)

Good observation;
   I think I'm going with Dragon but now I have a big dilemma; Is it said that pure silver is not always a good solution for power cables?!?! Being the new Dragon an exception? And Firebird is only 25% silver compared to the old Dragon; Is there a big difference between the old Dragon 50% Silver and Firebird 25% Silver? What can you say of a 100% silver power cable?
It would be a reinvented version of WEL,  WEL NRG about which Audioquest said it is inferior to Dragon 50% Silver?
 Who can give a fair answer about the new 100% Dragon power cable; Thanks for the reply
@adi74 to deal with your questions. Firstly unfortunately I will not be able to do the old/new Dragon comparison as my old ones are 20A and dedicated to my amps, the new is for my pre-amp (or if need be somewhere else in my digital stack).

I would not try to read back to the WEL Sig however as the changes to new series are much more about the design and geometry -- don't worry I'm sure that at least on the dimensions of information retrieval, dynamics and speed the Dragon will come out on top. I cannot answer however if this will be the mix you need. My recommendation would be to have the dealer you are working with provide both Firebird and Dragon and see for yourself -- everything else is speculation. 

One dealer that can do this for you, and is well worth calling in any case is Randy at Optimal Enchantment in Santa Monica -- he shifts loads of AQ stuff and really knows the line and he is the one who originally set me onto this line of products

folkfreak and I ask the same question as what might be the new 100% Dragon Power Cable which is more expensive I'm really curious to see the correct review of this cable and what brings in addition to the first Dragon version 50% silver? More dynamic better bass, more clarity, a darker background, improved details or a lack of details on the middle area? It will behave like the WEL NRG power cable or it will be something new. Depends on what we compare ...

I already have Firebird (length 2m) between the wall outlet and power conditioner; it's ok although I only have 100 hours of operation; and now I want to improve the system with another power cable that connects the power conditioner with my Hegel H 300 amplifier. And I thought the Dragon (in this case 1m long) would be a good solution; even if it comes after a Firebird cable! That's all right
As so many on here have stated, the difference will depend on your system.  I had SR's mid grade cable powering my Ayre MXR Twenty's, but I can say that upgrading to the Dragon (pure silver version) has blown me away.  I wish that I could tell you specifically what each cable did to my system, but I replaced both amps, pre-amp and source components all the Dragon's and the detail I heard and the blackness of the space has thrilled me and I never get excited to the point of being thrilled.  I even was looking for ways to hate them because I could return them if I hated them, but I have to keep them because I would hate to go back to the old sound.
+1 for Tomic.
Mr. Rutan is a font of great, and trustworthy information.
PM him (audioconnection). Yes, he is an AQ dealer, but he is honest, and knows his stuff, AND, will never try to sell/steer you to something you don't want.
Is there a substantial difference between Hurricane and Firebird power cables ?