Audioquest or Cardas ?

How do similarly priced Audioquest and Cardas cables compared to each other (both interconnect and speaker)? For example, Anaconda to Golden Reference, Python to Neutral Reference etc. What are their sonic signatures ? Please comment. Thanks from a newbrie.
My experience with Audioquest is alittle dated. I had Lapis cables and enjoyed them, however, they lean more toward the Transparent, Straightwire sound; analytical, neutral, slightly dry, while the Cardas at the Golden level is more rounded, extended in the midrange and warmer balance. Great with tubes or solid state. System matching and your preferences should rule. Hope this helps.
I beleive this to be a no brainer...CARDAS!
Though the A..... seem thrilling at first their unnatural midrange soon becomes fatiguing and overbearing, and present a nasally human voice...and I am not talking about their cheap cables.
Made almost exactly this comparison in the last few weeks. I was running AQ Diamond x2. Tried the Golden Ref. They are very different, each with advantages. AQ - clearly more detail in highs, tighter in the bass. Cardas - unbelievably beautiful mid-range - voices are amazing, and much better depth of field. I'm going with Cardas! Equipment - Theta Data2, Levinson 360s, 38s, 333, Bryston 3B, with Audio Artistry Bethovens.
If you've got the cash Audioquest Amazon and Everst beat anything else on the market. Tighter bass more harmonics, open image, natural and neutral. You should do your own A/B to be sure