AudioQuest Pegasus "fever" RCA cables

Aloha, does anyone remember or have a set of AudioQuest Pegasus "Fever" RCA cables? I listened to a pair and liked them. They look pretty old and are for sale locally, but the person has no idea of their value and I can't seem to find any reference to them on the web. Anyone have a sense of what they are worth on the used market?



@sparkymaui Lots of AQ fakes out there on a used market. My Google search turner up nothing for the “fever” version. 

Try the Pegasus from The Cable Company and see how they sound.

I consider myself an audiophile, and I don't listen to cables. The exact opposite is the case; I hate poor quality cables that allow the sound to be contaminated and force me to listen to them.

Where do these outrageous assumptions come from? Probably ignorance.