Audioquest Mammoth

Can anybody tell me about, speaker cable, Audioquest Mammoth. Couldn't find any literature on them on Audioquest website. According to the charts, they are right before the Calderas. Would apreciate some feedbacks on those speaker cables.
Thank you
I have a 15 foot pair. I am still breaking them in. My thoughts so far- They definetly need break in time. They are very detailed. I also think their very uncolored. I don't think I would pay full retail,but at 50% off(Audio Advisor) I think their a good bargain. They are VERY large,their the fattest cables I've ever seen.
I purchased a 6ft pair in december. This is a very good cable... a bit large and stiff, but the sound is great for the money. Superb on the bottom end and extreamly well ballanced top to bottom. I bought them just to try because the price was right and decided to keep them in my system. The other cables I was using were wasatch cable works which is a very good cable, and alpha core MI2
Thank you for your quick and very helpful infos. I also jumped on that deal, from Audio Advisor, and purchased a pair of Mammoth.
I look forward to audition them.
Thank you.