Audioquest Sky XLR vs Kimber Select 1130

Having just bought Kimber 8TC speaker wire for my evolving high end system & AQ Sky XLR's for my dac, I was curious to know what Audiogoners thought was the best XLR cable? I should preface that in saying I have just bought a pair of 1mtr AQ Sky XLR cables based on overwhelmingly positive reviews. Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences..Cheers!

Current system;
- JVC XL-Z1050 transport
- Vimak DS1800 MK2 Dac
- Classe Cap-2100 integrated
- Cambridge Audio TS-500 tuner
- Infinity Reference 60 speakers (soon to be replaced with Ren 90's)
- AQ Sky XLR (dac)
- Benchmark 400 series rcas (tuner)
- Nordost Silver Shadow rca (transport)
- Kimber 8TC speaker wire (bi-wired w/ WBT spades & locking bananas)
I have a Vimak ds1800 and am trying to find out if it is a mkii. The guy I bought it from says it is a mkii signature. There is nothing on it indicating mkii or mki. Any knowledge on ths would be helpfull. What is this dac worth?
Yes...Sky XLR is one of the best cables...however, you should make your own decision based on hearing it in your system.
Regarding the topic of the thread, I have heard Sky, 1130 and 1136 in my system. Sky had a slightly forward soundstage and overall somewhat more detailed treble energy. The Kimbers' soundstage was a little deeper and were a bit better with low level (volume) detail. The 1136 has a bit richer midrange and bass than the others.

I chose the Kimbers but can easily see how Sky would be superb in many systems.
While I have never heard the Sky, I recently installed a meter of KS1130 XLR in my system between Bryston preamp and Bryston 4BSST power amp. The result was a great improvement as the sound became bigger, with more detail, warmth and realism. The KS1130 is therefore highly recommended, but cables are tricky. Trust your ears.