Kimber AGDL Digital Cable

Any past experience or input concerning this cable? Thanks for the input...
I have both coax and XLR and have not heard a better cable.
Very revealing and has tremendous bass.A succesor to Kimber's KCAG which was used by Stereophile's writers in their reference systems for many years.The difference is only in the way the cable is terminated to the connector.
You will not regret this purchase.
I like the AGDL a lot, compare to D60,the AGDL is
very easy to listen, more musical,more bass, dynamics,
soundstage is wider than the D60.Its not bright.Its
one of my favorite.Thanks
I compared the AGDL with KS2020 several years ago. If you want more musical sound, tighter bass and wider sound stage I highly suggest you go with the KS2020 - you will be very happy!!