Auralic Aries G2.1 or Innuos Zenith mk3

Would be interesting to hear if anyone has experience on both of the devices. What’s the difference from sound quality, connectivity, built or software point of view. Of course if there are any differences. What dacs are you using with these streamers?
I have a Innuos Zenith and I would be really interested in that sonic comparison. Audio reviewer‘s and bloggers never compare the sound of different streamers /server renders. A  side by side comparison of one box solutions like the Auralic Aries G2.1 with build its SS drives compared to a Innuos would be helpful.
I have found that Innous changes the sound of the music (waveforms), even when it's used purely as a network streamer.  They do some smoothing or modification of the waveforms using DSP. 

The Auralic has been described as sounding "dryer" than the Innous, but I really think it means that Auralic is more neutral and uncolored.  The Innous definitely has a sonic signature.  Many people love the Innous, but it depends on what kind of sound you want.
I have the Aries G2 (not 2.1) and wasn’t able to compare it to the Innuous, unfortunately.  So, I won’t opine on which is better.  

I will say that the G2’s build quality is very high and that it sounds better than my Aurender N100H in direct comparison.   I would also offer that Lightning DS (native app to Auralic) sounds better than Roon.  This is a noticeable difference and I speculate it’s because LDS better uses the substantial buffers built into the Auralic unit.

Finally, I will add that the Aries G2 was a bigger upgrade in sound than when I substantially upgraded my DAC.  As always, YMMV.  For me, the source is the more important component.

My $.03 (inflation).

Thank you all for replies, I think streamer comparisons would be interesting and don’t quite understand why I can’t find those. Typically streamers are compared through their internal dacs which is unfortunate. 
I was able to hear an Innous Statement being used strictly as a network streamer (i.e. NOT connected directly to a DAC).  This was compared directly to a Antipodes network streamer using the same exact song and content.  There was a DLNA player that played through a Chord Dave DAC.  We were able to switch between Innous and Antipodes being used only as network streamers.  I was really surprised at the outcome.  We did not like the Innous sound at all.  It changed the sonics of the sound and lacked bass punch.  It actually sounded so much better using the Antipodes as a network streamer (this is just streaming PCM data over the network to a player).  The Innous was definitely doing things to the waveform.

However, like I said, some people love Innous.