Auralic Aries to Roon

I have, I think, tried everything to get Roon to recognise an Auralic Aries but to no avail despite Auralic saying the Aries is Roon Ready. Anyone got any ideas?


Wired connection?  I had issues with my network connecting to my Aries G2.1.

I needed to turn it off  and reboot quite a few times.  Does it boot up and play music?  Have you activated the Aries in the Roon Settings?  Can you see the Aries in Roon settings?

You have to be running the lightning App for the Auralic , then open your streaming app and select your device it should see it no problem. I'm not sure that you need to be adding ROON for this setup, Roon is a HUB for all your devices, How many devices are you sending music to??

Matt M

Matt roon is more then a hub many people find Roons interface to be far superior to many native apps

The Aries requires a separate Roon core server.  This is where connections to outside music, and your library happen. It is also where any DSP gets applied and what will talk to your phone/tablets. With multiple output devices, the Roon core would need enough CPU power to run them all, which is why it's not always incorporated in end-point devices.


My computer is the Roon core and iPhone the controller. The core just won't recognise the Aries. It recognises my phone and a borrowed Zen Stream . 

Of course, one alternative if close enough is to use a USB connection between the PC and Aries.  Suggest a USB isolator if you do this though.