Auralic Multi Zone Problems

First, I am enjoying the quality of the music with Auralic streamers immensely. I have two brand new Aries G1’s, an Aries Femto and a Mini. I am also running SONOS in the same rooms and more. SONOS, as we all know, does not have the quality audio but as long as I stick to Apple Music (lossless supposedly), Sirius etc. (i.e. not FLAC files) I can play all zones together - no skips. It becomes an issue only when playing FLAC files. So I had hoped that Auralic would have solved this problem. Much to my frustration playing even only the two brand new G1’s together I get skips and interruptions. All the units I have play fine alone - no skips - but as soon as I put them in a zone I get skips. I have all of them set to 44.1kHz so only CD quality. My WIFI streams at 1,200mps so the 1 something MPS that a FLAC file takes should not be an issue - we stream 4K movies on several TV’s at the same time no issues. It is very disappointing as I invested all this money to be able to play high resolution music on all my 4 reference level systems at the same time to no avail. Is anyone experiencing similar issues? Any suggested solutions would be greatly appreciated.