Aurender and Tidal hanging up

I have an Aurender N-10 and I’m playing Tidai hi-fi streaming through it
Frequently songs from Tidal are freezing up the N10 when playing.
When I try to clear the song ,it doesn’t clear. The player freezes for a few minutes
and then reboots itself.Most times the frozen song is still in the queue and can then be deleted.
Sometimes there is a previous song that was played before the hung up song still hung up in the queue and can then be cleared.I haven’t been able to get Aurender or Tidal to fix this problem so far.
Is anyone else having this problem with Aurender and Tidal? 
Listening to my N10 right now, no issues whatsoever. 

Looks like it could be your internet, try rebooting your router.  Can you tell us how is your N10 is connected to the router?

I had a similar issue with Tidal
Turned out to be that even though I was paying AT&T for the fastest internet possible in my area, they had "forgot" they needed to upgrade my router and switch.
Had been quite happy to take the money though......
Once they actually came out and "fixed" their issue Tidal HiFi has been just fine.
What internet speed are you getting on your server?
Hi All,

Aurender technical support contacted me and said they are ready to investigate the issues (much like Keith - Conductor App freezes and Tidal dropouts) I have been have experiencing, seemingly made worse since installing the latest software update. They asked me to put my N100H in “remote support” mode and leave it there until they can perform some diagnostics. Hopefully this will provide some answers and I will post here.

BTW - speed tests indicate that I am consistently getting >170 Mbytes/sec from my internet provider and the Conductor App speed test consistently hovers around 30 Mbytes/sec.


IMO, this is what CD transports are for. They seem to be falling out of favor but what happens when your internet is down or slows down? I'm actually upgrading my transport. I also run Tidal through an N100H.

I sort of agree on CD.
I will always have a decent cdp at hand just in case of internet issues.
However I find tidal hifi to be a lot better to my ears than my CD playback in my system.
Tidal has:
Remastered versions of many many recordings that do sound better than the original cd on the same dac

extreme convenience

cd or better resolution through the dac of your choice

deluxe editions of recording with extra tracks

vitually unlimited recordings for $20 a month

immediate creation of playlists
Possibly but tidal hifi streamed through my vault 2 beat out an esoteric cdp.
But everyones results are obviously going to be different
I do not know if this will fix the problems mentioned above but it is probably worth a check to ensure the Aurender Server and Conductor App are in “sync”.  If you have different software versions running, it is possible this might cause these issues.  Of course, it could be something else but it is probably worth checking. 

When you updated your Aurender Server with the new software, did you also update the Conductor App?

 If not, please remove the App from memory (swipe up) and delete the App from the iPad.  Next, go to the a
Apple Store and search for the Conductor App.  Download and install it. This will ensure the Aurender and the App are in sync.  Please review and advise.

All your data, etc will be restored when you install the current Conductor App. 
i replaced the conductor app, but the problem persists
I think it’s a player software issue
As noted above, I and, several others, have experienced streaming connection drops, freezing and various other connectivity issues impacting Apps like Tidal. One of several steps to take is to ask your ISP to verify your digital signal range.  In other words, if the required cable digital signal range is between X and Y, and your signal is greater than Y, you have a connectivity issue.  My signal was much higher than the required signal range. 

It is very possible that once the above is corrected, various other downstream issues may be present.  In my case, a corroded outside cable junction box and a broken outside cable amplifier needing repairs.

The specs below vary by modem and cable company. My ISP Tech knew exactly what to correct and did.   For example, some Acceptable cable modem signal levels are:

Downstream (Rx) Receive Power Level (very technical):

This is the amount of signal received by the modem from the transmitter in the cable company head-end.

For all modems:
-15 dBmV to +15 dBmV maximum.
-12 dBmV to +12 dBmV recommended.

0 dBmV is the "optimal" level.

Upstream (Tx) Transmit Power (a.k.a. Return Signal) level: 

This is the amount of signal transmitted by the modem to reach the receiver in the cable company head-end.

+8 dBmV to +58 dBmV maximum for QPSK. (DOCSIS 1.x)
+8 dBmV to +55 dBmV maximum for 8 QAM and 16 QAM. (DOCSIS 1.x)
+8 dBmV to +54 dBmV maximum for 32 QAM and 64 QAM. (A-TDMA DOCSIS 2.0)
+8 dBmV to +53 dBmV maximum for S-CDMA DOCSIS 2.0 modulation rates.

Recommended upstream signal levels are +35 dBmV to +52 dBmV. 

>>> A cable modem running a higher upstream modulation rate may downgrade itself to a lower modulation rate (i.e. 64 QAM to 16 QAM or 16 QAM to QPSK) if the upstream transmit level is higher than the maximum signal level allowed for the higher modulation rate and the CMTS is configured to allow such a change. 

Note this >>> This downgrade can cause slow speed, packet loss, and connection loss issues depending on the condition of the upstream channel.

The above is technical and that is not the point.  The action is to contact your ISP and request they verify your  ISP digital signal is operating in the correct digital range.  

As noted above, it could be a player software issue.  I do not know but streaming music requires all components  working correctly.  This means the software in your player and all ISP components downstream. This means modems, routers, cable wire connections, outside junction boxes, outside amplifiers, etc.  I was very lucky since my ISP Tech checked these components that included replacing the cable connections.  I hope the above helps. 
Keith, from your username I'm assuming you live in Tucson AZ? I looked up AT&T home internet services available there. Ostensibly their cable internet offers between 50-100 Mb/s and DSL somewhat slower.  Since there's 8 bits in a byte that's roughly 5-10 MB/s in a 50-100 Mb/s service. By the way,  big "B" is a byte, little "b" is a bit, something that confuses a lot of people. Anyway, I was wondering what kind of internet you have? DSL, cable, fiber? I hope it's not DSL as my experience is that it's the least  stable and slowest choice. Fiber is the fastest and cable  is in the middle!
I have Comcast 220 Mb/s cable 
this problem I’m sure is a Aurender problem with their streming.
When streaming a track the song will not play a pond the player freezes up .If I re boot , the player comes back up with the track showing,plus the previous track that already finished
Then the tracks will clear.
this is some kind of cache clearing problem
Any updates to this Aurender and Tidal hanging up issue?   Is this an Aurender or Tidal issue (or both)?  I do not have this issue on my Aurender N10 but will test again tonight. So far, everything on my Aurender using Tidal is working fine.  

This Aurender and Tidal hanging up issue is very strange since it impacts some people but not all.  The only thing that is different, between us, is our selected album content.  Why is it impacting some audio systems but not all systems?

Anyone making any progress towards a solution?  

I am sending the N-10 in for repair
I believe it is a case of streaming songs not clearing the cache after playing
I don't know if that's a solid state drive issue or a memory issue but it doesn't seem to be a Tidal problem

Aurender found no problem with the player. They were incredibly gracious and helpful. What a great company!
When I got the player back, all my my streaming problems disappeared .
I have no idea why. It may have been a temporary problem with my network, but I'm stumped right now
I’m experiencing the same issues. I had zero issues for more than a year with my N100 but nothing in the chain has changed... I hope someone finds the gremlin soon. Quite frustrating.
@Schw06, I also had similar Aurender and Tidal issues like you described above. I documented my experiences and suggestions in this Audiogon post:

As you can see, it took some time to flush out these issues in my system.  In summary, ALL my Tidal Steaming issues were caused by MY computer based environment to include my router, modem, external outside ISP junction box and outside blown ISP amplifier.  My ISP Technical corrected my out of range signal cable signal and also replaced my in house coaxial cables and their connections.  My suggestions near the end of the above linked post recommend a complete power down (remove any batteries in your modem) of all components for 2 minutes (modems and routers need to be reset).  Unfortunately, I experienced a broken Apple Extreme router (junked and replaced) and other ISP components that needed repair.  My system was also working fine for while, exactly like yours, and then I started experiencing Tidal steaming issues.

My system is steaming Tidal fine now and I have zero issues.  I also upgraded my ISP service from 100 mpbs to 250 mpbs and this greatly improved my streaming for Tidal, Netflix and Amazon movies.  

Unfortunately, it is not an easy process and requires patience to verify all your components are working. Your ISP should be able to help, if needed. I hope my above comments and suggestions help.  And, please do not get frustrated.    

There is one more thing.  Please confirm you are running the most current Aurender software (Go to Settings and confirm).  This also means you have to DELETE the Aurender Conductor App from your iPad and reinstall it to ensure it is current (a less than 5 minute process).    

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