Aurender Conductor occasionally will not play next song....

Searched the threads and couldn't find anything on this.  My apologies if this has been covered.

I have an A10 and my friend has the A100 Aurenders, both of us have noticed that sometimes we put a song in the queue, and it won't play.  Even after manually touching it, it will skip over the track and play a different song.  Has this happened to anyone?
If rebooting app doesn’t help, I would reach out to Aurender support for further assistance. 
I agree with @lalitk above that you should turn your Aurender unit off (unplug it from the wall), wait 2 minutes and restart it.  This is not a restart but a complete device turn off and start from fresh.   NOTE:  Please turn your Aurender off from the Aurender Conductor App.

Next, please confirm your Aurender software is up to date for BOTH the Aurender device AND the Aurender Conductor App (they must both be in sync).   You also might consider deleting the Conductor App from your iPad and reinstalling it (I have done this before and it helps ensure everything is in sync).   

Is the skipping on your stored CD's, Tidal or Qobuz.    I wonder if the skipping issue is caused by the streaming service?   Does it happen on all albums or just a few?  Under what conditions does it skip songs?   Is the skipped album song grayed out on the screen?   If yes, it means the song is not available for streaming.  

In any case, if the skipping continues, your Aurender offers an option for Remote Internet Technical Support.   I suggest you enter an issue.   Please describe the exact skipping conditions and Aurender Customer Support will handle it.  

I have no skipping issues on my Aurender N10 Music Server when streaming from Qobuz.  

Please keep us posted.
I suggest you turn your modem and router OFF for 2 minutes (physically unplug them from wall, remove any batteries) and then turn everything back on.   Next is to determine if the software in your router needs to be updated.  Log in into your router and check for software updates.