Aurender N10 connection with the network

I just purchased the Aurender N10 used off of Audiogon this past week.

Quick start guide tells me that the unit will connect to the network with a Cat 5 cable.  Download the phone app on my Samsung phone.  Sounds simple.


3 days later after all kind of changes for the life of me I cannot get this think connected to my network.. WTF.   Yes I restarted all my modems and routers a few times.  Nothing.

Any suggestions other than getting my money back if the guy will do that?


@rickderuyter, i have no clue why your Aurender is losing its network handshake. I own an Aurender N20 and an N10 previously. I never had this issue.

Please send an email to Aurender Support and ask them. Even better, I suggest you use their remote support request method under settings.

It probably means some setting on your router needs to be changed. Or, maybe something else.


@rickderuyter , I'm in IT so I've seen my share of strange networking issues. Due to location, I'm forced to use a wifi extender set up in bridge mode. So it simply feeds the ethernet cable out to my Aurender, and doesn't extend the wireless signal or become part of a mesh network. Signal strength is full bars. 

My N100h would play for a while, then disconnect for a short period and come back on with the next IP address in the dhcp scope. I'd have to relaunch the Conductor app and re-find it and play some more until it happened again. I tried everything to no avail. I put this squarely on the NetGear equipment and NOT the Aurender. 

Aurender gave me the dope on how to get into the backend and assign it a static IP address and no more problems. 

Additionally, for my home office I use Cisco Business access points, one set up as a bridge and not once had an issue with my N100h. I just keep everything off that network for security reasons.