Aurender N100H vs N10


I currently have an Aurender N100H connecting to a Lampizator Lite 7 DAC via USB.  I am thinking about upgrading to N10, but considering the huge price difference, is it really worth it to get the N10?  The most important thing to me would be the sound quality.  Would the sound improvement be significant enough to justify the extra money spent?  Thanks for your input. 

Considering the huge price difference I would think that it would behoove you to listen to the N10 in your own system.  Even if you have to pay a restocking fee if you decide it ain’t worth it, IMO, there is no other way to be sure
@respected_ent, I also agree you should audition the Aurender servers so you can make the right decision.  

In my case, I brought 3 albums to my dealer and listened on the Aurender N100h Music Server.  After 20 minutes of listening, I felt it sounded compressed, not natural and I did not like it (my opinion).

I then played the same 3 albums on the Aurender N10 for 30 minutes. The sound quality was amazing. The music was clearer, had more bass, had more air and sounded fuller. It sounded more like music to my ears than the N00h. I ordered the Aurender N10. Its high cost was justified based on its excellent sound quality. 

My Aurender N10 Music Server is a welcomed addition to my audio system.  My audio system sounds more open, more natural, clearer, better bass and I am very happy I purchased the unit. The ability to switch back and forth between Tidal music streaming and my stored albums in the App is now a very easy process (one mouse click).  The Aurender iPAD app is much easier to use than my MAC Book Pro computer.  Album selection is also excellent with several different album selection choices available.  The Aurender N10 Music Sever is highly recommended for its great sound quality and ease of use.

Sound quality is very important.  In my case, I asked many questions, talked to many people, read many reviews and auditioned various servers to help me make the right decision. I hope this helps.  

Thanks, guys, for your input.  Based on what I've read so far, I have no doubt that N10 is a very good sounding music server.  And for it to be priced so much higher than N100H, there's got to be a good reason for it.  It's just that the N100H is already sounding very good in my system, so it's hard for me to imagine just how much better N10 can do to my system.  Anyhow, I will keep an eye on the market for a good deal on the N10.
@respected_ent - you could buy the N10 I listed on Audiogon yesterday...just sayin...
Hi _ent,

The OCXO crystal clock in the N10 is probably the biggest sonic upgrade from the N100H.

The streamer/renderer/server product segment is starting to improve rapidly in technology, features, interfaces, and simplicity so I am choosing to stick with my N100H until the next gen of these products arrives vs spending big bucks right now on an existing product.

After a year or so owning the N100H, I found that it is very sensitive to power cords, ethernet & usb cables, fuses, and isolation. Mine is sounding quite good now IMO. You could upgrade your N100H in this way in the near term, most of which will also benefit whatever you buy down the road.

@dlcockrum Thanks, Dave, for your comment.  I am currently using the TWL Digital American HP power cord on the N100H, which I think works pretty well.  Does high power cord work best with the Aurender or would a medium power one work better?  What power cord are you using for yours?  Also, I've been considering putting a SR blue fuse into it.  Did you do that?  If so, does it make a noticeable difference?  What isolation do you suggest?  Mine is on a Adona rack with a wood board between the Aurender and the granite platform. 
Hi _ent,

Of the power cords I have tried, here is my ranking of sound quality when paired with the N100H:

1) Verastarr Statement III Gold/Silver Hybrid HC
2) Verastarr Statement II Gold/Silver Hybrid HC
3) Verastarr Statement III Silver
4) Verastarr Statement II Silver
5) Verastarr Signature HC Silver
6) Verastarr Signature Silver
7) Synergistic Research Element CTS Digital
8) Synergistic Research Tesla Hologram D
9) TWL Digital American

The SR Blue fuse is my favorite, followed by the HiFi Tuning Cardas Copper, and then the SR Black. BTW, the N100H takes two fuses.

Isolation is the Symposium Ultra platform with Rollerblock 2+ (slightly more detailed) and without Rollerblock 2+ (slightly more harmonically textured).

Hi, Dave, looks like my TWL DA HP cord ranks the lowest (at number 9) in the list of power cords you've tried on the N100H.  Wow, sounds like I got a long way to go before I can bring the best out of my Aurender.  2 SR blue fuses?  That's just going to add up real fast.  Isolation will also be something I need to work on later.  Now I understand why you are not looking to upgrade to N10 any time soon.  May be your 'enhanced' N100H is now sounding very close to the N10.  Thanks.   
I just saw some online postings where people said the SR blue fuses either didn't make the N100H sound any different or the improvement is very small.  Is this right?
I had a similar experience until I moved up to better cords and cables.

My point is that improving the inputs and ancillaries will optimize the sound quality from the gear one has now as well as gear upgrades down the road. I think it is a tragedy to upgrade perfectly good components when one has not experienced everything they are capable of and then also not experience what the upgraded gear is capable of either due to underestimating the benefit of investing in great power, cabling, isolation, etc. that allows any component to give its best. :)


Someone asked Aurender about the USB difference between N10 and N100h  and Auralic's response is that the USB interface in N10 and N100h are exactly same,although N10 has better parts and power supply, which may still make some sound difference in USB output.
  Also the  OCXO crystal clock in N10 only works on coaxial output and has no impact on usb output.