Aurender N200 Streamer Compatibility with Deezer HIFI

I just ordered an Aurender N200 Streamer.  I've read that the machine or its Conductor App isn't compatible with Deezer's music service.  Maybe I'm mistaken and it's only Deezer's HIFI subscription that's not compatible.

I've been using Deezer for quite a while and would hate to change music services!

Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.


Nope, Aurender supports integrated access to Qobuz, Tidal and Internet Radio. Plus Spotify Connect and AirPlay supporting devices.

I would send an email to support desk and ask if there is way to stream from Deezer.

BTW, I just looked up Deezer doesn’t stream in high resolution, only CD resolution. I highly recommend using Qobuz with N200. If you’re worried about your playlists, you can use freeyourmusic app to transfer all of your playlists, songs, and favorite albums from Deezer to Qobuz.

Damn... I’ll cancel my order of the streamer before I’ll change music services, I think!  I shoulda done more due diligence before pulling trigger on the Aurender.

Anything less than Tidal HiFi Plus or Qobuz then you are wasting your money on the Aurender. Or any other high $$$ hi rez streamer .....

+1 @oddiofyl 

Also You can use Deezer this way.

´´You can use AirPlay to "cast" content from your iOS or Mac OS device to your Aurender. Sound quality over Airplay will be inferior to "native" streaming via the Conductor app, but AirPlay is a great solution for playing content from sources that are not integrated into the Aurender platform.´´

“Sound quality over Airplay will be inferior to "native" streaming via the Conductor app”

Agree with @maxwave. That’s why I recommend Qobuz and transfer of OP’s favorites to Qobuz. 

I looked at Qbuzz and their subscription options.  Am I reading and interpreting correctly that the sound quality between Studio and Sublime subscriptions is the same?

Yes but you can download and play content off line.  I have regular Qobuz 

I originally had Tidal, Qobuz, and Deezer.  Decided Deezer was my favorite and I cancelled the other 2.  When I went to Roon, Deezer wasn't suported so I had to go to Qobuz.  Don't care for Tidal.

I don't like it that the success or failure of a music platform depends on the integration into popular applications and equipment.