Aurender Star Feature (removing stars)

I have some albums in the Aurender Conductor app I have assigned stars.  I would like to remove the stars completely for a couple of albums but not been very successful.  The manual tells you how to assign stars but I'm stumped finding a way to remove them.

Thanks in advance.


I’d ask Aurender. Under Help in app, send remote support email.… they are quick to answer.

Have you tried clicking on the stars to remove them?   Go to the star and click on it to remove the selection.  Please keep us posted. 

Discovered stars are only attaching themselves to songs, not albums.  If I select an album in Conductor it opens and shows all the songs with 5 stars.  I would like 'no' stars so I am able to select 1 star but have not found out how to toggle that off as well.

I would have thought after selecting 1 star, touching it again would clear it but apparently off.

Unless I am wrong, has anyone been able to add stars to an entire album instead of individual songs?

Thanks for your interest!

Have it figured out!  With your finger on the 5th star, that's all the way to the right, slide left across all the stars and they will have their star cleared.

Thanks. I don’t often use stars, I would not have thought of that. I tried a number of things.