Austin , TX .

Hello there , does anyone knows of any club or groups in Austin , TX . I'm in north Austin . THX!!!!
PMC, Brian Hueske is attempting to start up a group in Austin, come the begining of the new year...his e-mail is you contact him. Please let me know if you find out anything.
I live in the Cedar Park area too, and would also be interested in both tube and digital discussions.
Count me in. I would love to meet up with some folks and listen to music in the Austin area. I'm in central Austin.
Can someone send me some info?
Thanks Chris
I'm in too. Since we're the (unofficial) "Live Music Capital of The World", that doesn't necessarily mean we need to meet somewhere near/ on Sixth St, or does it? Kidding, of course. Would love to get together anywhere.
Hey Guys, Can some one pick a location on a Friday or Saturday night and leys get togheter.

Hey guy's,
It has been a while but I am still in as well. I am in north central Austin. Let me know what is going on.......... would love to meet with others.
I would like to get together as well. I am in Waco, but I am willing to make the trip down. Agree on a Friday or Saturday as best.
I reside in NW Austin and would love to contact fellow audiofiles. Please send me email.
Thanks, Guido
Austin area audiophiles, we are having our first meet this Saturday, 1/15/05, 3:00 PM at my place. Send me an email if you catch this message and are interested in coming.

If you don't catch this message until after that date, but are interested in getting involved then still send me an email to get on the mailing list.
Hey guys! I am interested...I can't make your meeting this time around, but keep me updated!

Did an Austin Club every get up and running. If so, please let me know when the next meeting is, ect.
Anyone in Austin interested in helping me fine tune my turntable some evening? Is there a formal group that gets together these days?
oh also, any Austin dealers who could competantly help setup a turntable? Thanks!!

Yes we get together once in a while...... probably a little less in the summer. Email soliver and he can put you on the mailing list for future events.

BTW, what kind of TT and tonearm do you have? I might be able to help a bit.

The next Bottlehead meet will be August 16 east of Dallas.

Look at the Lonestar Bottlehead website for details.
February in Austin. What a wonderful time if the year. Anyone interested in an Audio get together before I get old and die?
Hello Even tho I'm out of the audio addiction I still listen to music, I lost my job and it's killing me haging out in the house every day. I think an outing will be good let me know if you guys get together, I'mm bring some cd's
Hello Pete,

Sorry to hear about the job loss. Hopefully Obamanomics will save us all. I am available Sunday if you are interested in a listen to horns. Send me an email.

Are any of you gents still meeting in or near Austin? Would love to bond and listen to systems since I have the addiction.
Am well versed in TT setup and other oddities relating to audio/video.
Have been retired from the electronics industry so focusing more on hobbies and helping when I can.
Let me know if the meets continue and please add me to the list.
Thx, Don in Georgetown, TX
Everyone please make a point of contacting Soliver(user name here on the Gon) and ask him to put you on his contact list. Scott is "the keeper of the list" and will contact you for our next meet. Hope to meet you soon!

Hey Guys, I think you'll need to contact Soliver directly if you want to be put on the list, just posting here most likely won't get you on there.

Dmgrant1, Audiobuilder, and all. . . Scott can't add you to the mailing list using your Agon monicker even if he wanted to. The list is Email based. . . it requires regular email addresses. Scott can't guess your email address from your Agon monicker. Please send a PM to Agoner Soliver, including your preferred Email address, and Scott will add you to the Austin list of crazed audiophiles. Guido
Guido speaks the truth, Audiogon doesn't allow viewing of member's email addresses, just the option to send an email.