Average price for a lenco gl75 made in Switzerland

I am looking to see what this is worth and if I should sell it. I would like to keep it but I am short on cash.


It's made in Switzerland and works. I also have that amp.

Any help appreciated!
Afraid not much...typically around $100-150 on CL...depending on condition. Possibly more on fleabay.
Suggest you visit Lenco Heaven for more info. If this is a 60Hz machine and you're in the U.S., it may well be worth more than Phasecorrect suggests. Most Lenco lovers (I'm one) will immediately ditch the arm and build a massive plinth (mine weighs 75 lbs) for the machine. Good luck.
Is that yours in the photo? If so, it's in very nice shape. Don't sell it, if you ever think you want to play LPs later in life; you have the basis for a superb turntable. Value as is is more like $300 to $500, closer to $300. But don't sell it unless you really are done forever with vinyl. $300 won't change your life.