Awesome new cables from Jorma Design!

Jorma Design have released a new line of cables which replaces the old No.2 called 'Duality', including rca's, xlr's & a power cable. The new cables use the same materials used in No.2, but the quality is pushed to the limits whilst keeping the price about the same as the old model. The speaker cables use twin runs for the positive and negative, and are similar in design to the flagship Statement cables, only with simplified shieldings, and a slightly less pure grade of copper. Whilst the ic's and power cables use separate runs of cable within the same outer shieldings.

Jorma is very unlike 'commercial' cable companies who churn out new models every 2 years. Jorma takes the time needed to fully develop new models. No.2 remained unchanged for 12 years!

To describe the sound of Jorma cables, in a word I would say "natural". They get the tone/timbre of instruments spot on. Prime which I know very well nails the midrange. Jorma cables generally sound neutral (eg: Origo) to warm (eg: Unity, Prime), and are harmonically rich. Very musical sounding cables. What can I say, I just found the xlr cables for my next Oppo player!

Here is a link to further info -
Interview with Jorma Kosky on the new Duality cables -

@ebm, In my system I use Jorma Prime xlr’s, pc’s & Jorma Statement sc’s, plus one Jorma Unity pc . I previously had a full loom of Jorma Origo (incl: biwire sc's) and enjoyed my time with those cables.
Whrn mentioning a specific brand or or model it would be very helpfull 
To give specifics such as prices per meter ,and model to get an idea if it is within 
Ines budget while reading sometimes late after work,please advise,Thank you.
@audioman58, sorry I didn’t want to make the thread sound like a Dealer advert since i’m just a happy end user. But fyi, the new Duality cables as I mentioned are about the same price as the old No.2. The below indicative prices are for No.2 cables from The Cable Company;
- SC’s 2.0mtr single wire pair $3850.00
- SC’s 2.0mtr biwire pair $5425.00
- IC’s 1.0mtr pair (xlr/rca) $1750.00
I’m unsure what price the Duality power cable will be, but fyi the next model up in the Jorma line (Unity) is $2k, hence the Unity pc would be less than that.
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will you be upgrading? Happy Listening!
Hi Jafant, cheers. To answer your question, no as i’m already at the top of the Jorma line & am very happy with my cables. When the new range of Stage 3 Concepts power cables comes out in 2017, I may be tempted to upgrade 2 of my Prime pc’s, but that’s about it. I’ve got a friend who preferred Jorma Prime and Statement over his previous Siltech Double and Triple Crown cables.
Jorma Design are definitely high end cables. Duality is now their entry level power cable, and the ic’s and sc’s are the second model in the range. Though at their price point they are great value cables imho & punch well above their weight.
hi melbguy1,
thanks for the info. I shall try these when i have the opportunity. I have used Tellurium Silver Diamond cables on my system actually, excellent cables in my opinion. For power, I recently bought cables i've never seen or heard about on O'gon, they are the Legato Referenza, and they are incredible for the price, just unbeatable. I will also be trying out their signal cable which are apparently just as good.
YW hddg. Jorma are great cables. One thing I really like about them is they're like Boulder amplifiers, in that Jorma spends as long as it takes to fully develop a new cable until he is fully happy before it becomes a new product, then leaves in current production for many years which gives you pride of ownership, gets you off the merry go round & helps maintain resale value.

I don't have direct experience with Tellurium Silver Diamond cables, though from what i've read they sound very good indeed. There is a clear difference in this case (silver vs copper). I know Mihalis here on A'gon compared Nordost Odin to Jorma Prime some time back and preferred Jorma in most applications. Though Tellerium is a different product of course. Ultimately only an audition & your ears will be the judge!
@jafant, Jorma is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Jorma hand-makes & tests all his cables. Though he sources his copper wire from a very select European supplier who really had to push the limits to produce the wire for their flagship cables.

In the US, you can contact the Distributor Dan Meinwald from Sound Advice in Long Beach, CA. He could point you to a local dealer. The Cable Co also carry Jorma most cables & post prices, though not the new Duality model.

Likewise Happy TG day to you & your family!
I have a 1m Jorma Prime Xlr for sales . Give me a reasonable price if you are interested . Cable too short for me 
Met Jorma Kosky a few years ago in Munich . V jovial guy . If your like a neutral , tonally cables , his cables are good 

Mihalis probably has more Jorma prime than any Jorma distributor in his massive , massive room. 
audioblazer318 posts11-25-2016 2:47pmMihalis probably has more Jorma prime than any Jorma distributor in his massive , massive room.
He is an interesting guy. I think his gear list sais a lot about his musical tastes.
Melbguy1, noted that the Jorma cables are neutral, but are they extended and resolved? I tend to associate thin cables with thin sound. It seems Jorma is different? I am looking at Kubala Sosna Elation, but also interested to know your experience with Jorma. Regards.

I previously owned a full loom of Origo, including biwire sc’s & thought they were a great match with my previous Boulder 1060 & heavily modded Ayon CD-5s (as linestage). With some tubes in the mix, Origo is a good choice due to their neutral tonal balance. The Origo IC’s are great value imho. I found Origo well balanced & resolving, but also smooth, natural & neutral (more neutral than Unity or Prime).

Prime gives you a bit more of everything. It is more resolving and extended, harmonically richer, warmer, smoother & more liquid/flowing. It is the more sophisticated cable. Vocals are wonderful through Prime, and the Prime xlr’s are the best ic’s i’ve ever used. They are staying in my system & I have no desire to sell them. I would say if you’re considering KS Elation, Prime would be the Jorma cables to consider.
Hi melbguy1, picking up on an old thread, what are your thoughts on Jorma Statement compared to Prime?
@alectiong , I have a response from my friend melbguy1 (David), here it is:

"Hi alectiong, thanks very much for your post. I am unable to respond personally after I previously cancelled my A'gon membership, however I hope to re-join A'gon at some point in the future.

I haven't tried the new Jorma Statement xlr's, but as you know I previously owned Prime sc's before upgrading to Statement. There are certainly some distinct differences between the two cables. Firstly Prime are obviously single wired, whilst Statement are shotgun cables. The Prime sc's use the big Bybee Quantum copper purifiers, whilst the ic's use Bybee Slipstream gold quantum purifiers. Statement eschews Bybees altogether. Basically Jorma pushed the limits using an even higher grade of materials than Prime, incl: narrower gauge copper strands which were very difficult to produce. The copper strands are then wound in parallel with ultra pure ceramic glass fibers to form a tube before the dielectric and shieldings are added. Re: the narrower gauge of copper wire used for Statement, Jorma found that the thinner the tube is, the better the resulting sound. Finally, Statement uses ultra dense walnut barrels. I'm a believer that everything used in cables matter; and walnut is one of the best sounding hardwoods.

In terms of how they compare sound-wise, my Dealer and I a-b compared my old Jorma Prime sc's to the Statements in his main room & the difference was immediately obvious. Although my fully run in Primes were smoother sounding as expected, the Statements had much greater resolution, and in terms of the sound stage, opened up a whole vista. Once fully burned in, the cables should smooth out and be superior in this area also. I am really impressed with these cables. In terms of tonality, Prime sounds warmer, whilst Statement is a more neutral, reference type cable. Overall Statement retains the naturalness and harmonic richness Jorma is known for, but takes it up a whole nutha level which is crazy, as I thought the Prime sc's were just wonderful. And they still are, it's just that Statement is clearly better.

Btw as some folks here may know, Jorma Kosky passed away last year. However the good news is his long-time friend and partner Leif Marten Olofsson from Marten has taken over Jorma Design and is continuing Jorma's legacy. In fact, they are expanding the range."



Much Thanks! jmcgrogan2

I know that we have not seen melbguy1 for quite a while now.
He has a very sweet system!
Happy Listening!
I have been auditioning the Statement sc’s. Very neutral tonally. Almost ruler flat to my ears. Need some getting used to.


where are you located? Do you have a Jorma dealer/retailer near you?

Happy Listening!

Jafant , yes I have a dealer.
i would add that compared to my KS Elation and a few others I know, the Statement’s sound is bit less dense and due to its neutrality, may sound bit less involving. 
@alectiong , here is another response from David (melbguy1):

"Based on your feedback Alectiong, I think you would prefer Jorma Prime to Statement. In my system, I use a combination of Prime pc's + xlr's & Statement sc's, and I will probably leave it that way as i'm very happy with the overall sound. Also i'm not sure if those cables you have in for audition are fully burnt in, but fyi Jorma cables improve substantially once they're fully run in.. It's not a subtle difference. I guess the bottom line is, cables as we know are a matter of personal preference; KS make some great sounding cables also, but Jorma's top cables have better build quality imho."

Hi Melbguy1, the Statement sc's are fully burnt in. They sure have wonderful resolution and wide soundstaging and precise imaging. Besides the ruler-flat neutrality, I would add that what surprises me is a perceived leanness compared to my other cables. I am a bit baffled.
Sorry about the late response Alectiong, but I was forced to re-register after it seems I incurred a permanent ban, lol. I think you described the sound signature of the Jorma Statement cables well, however I don’t perceive any leanness paired with my Vitus Signature series gear fyi. Perhaps the Jorma’s resolution and neutrality are revealing some inherant leanness from your amp(s) and/or front end? For sure, there are cables with more prominent bass (eg: Siltech), but I personally prefer Jorma’s sound signature which is neutral (Jorma Origo/Statement) to warm/rich (Prime), natural & delicate. Jorma nails the midrange, so it’s a matter of preference. I don’t believe in using cables as tone controls, but I know plenty of audiophiles who do. There are no wrongs or rights here; many ways to skin a cat as they say!


Welcome! back Mate. Which cabling is in your current system?

Did you get an opportunity to audition the Stage III Concepts PC ?

Happy Listening!

Cheers Jafant! I answered the earlier part of your question in another thread. I haven’t auditioned the Statement III Concepts pc’s to date, though I have a lot of respect for them. Fyi, Jorma released a new Statement power cable which debuted at Munich this year which features improved shielding, new conductors and Furutech NCF connectors - That provides an upgrade path from my current re-terminated Prime pc’s, so i’m a happy camper.
Welcome back David!!
Best to tread lightly now that you know the lay of the land. ;^)
Thanks John :). Yes a little birdie told me i'd best steer clear of a certain cable thread, so i'm forewarned ⊙_⊙'.

Hi Melbguyone, thanks for your comment. The Statement was impressive for the strengths I cited. At the end, it wasn't right for my taste in my set-up. I must say I never tried Prime in isolation or with Statement.

YW Alectiong. They are terrific cables. Rule of thumb: Origo matches best with tubes, Unity & Prime with solid state, and Statement with well sorted ultra high end systems, I’m currently using a mix of Prime and Statement cables as I mentioned, however I plan to initially upgrade my re-terminated Prime pc’s to Statement, then review the tonal balance after I’ve upgraded my Vitus amp. Then I may upgrade to Statement xlr’s. It’s all about balance and synergy!
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anyone compared Kimber KS 3035/38 to Origo/Prime speakers cables, I am havind dilema which way to go, never heard Jorma, I own Kimber KS 3038 now but need longer cables and KS3038 is not available right now. I have chance to purchase Origo or Prime

I have got Prime and I felt love with it. But before that I did not have Prime jumpers so I was kind of dissapointed at first(I was using Kimber KS-9038) then I found out that my problem are jumpers so now I have got Prime jumpers and the whole new world opened up for me. Never heard such a great speaker cable, Kimber KS-3035/38 was already great but this is another level. Now I am undecided if to purchase Stealth Sakra V12 rca or Prime rca, nay thoughts on this dilema?