Axpona 2023

I am seeing videos from Axpona come in and this ACTIVE budget system sounds amazing, even with low rez youtube. People are guessing it costs $15K in the audience, and jaws are hitting the floor when they find out its less than $3K for EVERYTHING. Talk about confusion, listen to the stunned questions. I keep posting about the benefit of these active "systems" . The audience looks like they just saw ET, hilarious reactions:


I found these little boxes to be the best I heard at the show. And a great value for the money especially if you’re looking to simplify your system. Seemed like this year the hi-end audio was a bit lackluster. I also found some of the factory reps to have loud conversations among themselves or people talking over the music. Just my thoughts. As always fun time. 


Vendor? LOL, see my system in my profile.

@khashmi , I'll check out that system, if you have time feel free to post videos in this thread.

@audioman58 , I have both passive and active systems in the house. Your point about cheap class D amps is observant. Then you have to look at the cheap crossovers in those passive speakers and there seems to be a balance. An outboard active crossover like the Bryston Bax-1 gives you both worlds. I think good DSP implementation helps offset the class D amp too. If you like SVS they have their own active speakers.


Thanks for the update, they sounded amazing even through youtube and a set of headphones. I need to check out cabasse.

I listened to these speakers as well.  I could not believe the room filling sound and bass coming from something this small.  Powered, an onboard streamer!  At a price of 4k or whatever, these speakers are excellant.

Hello Kota1. 8 owned a Audio store for almost a decade and by far the biggest disgrace is using cheap Xover parts , it isthe 🧠,or heart ❤️ of the speaker all information goes through them , thsts why I have been upgrading Xovers for friends,and family for over 20 years. And making the Highend Duelund. loudspeaker purifiers for awhile now . Quality throughout counts !!

Did any of you come to room 476 to hear our Infigo electronics with Alta audio speakers ?