AXPONA - Deals?

Hi All - planning a trip out to AXPONA for the first time. Only ever been to small audio shows in the past, so am curious if it's common for dealers to offer show discounts at a larger venue such as this? 

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I dunno.   Maybe get out to AXPONA, talk to some dealers, and find out?  It’s a sales event, amigo. You’ll have a great time in any case. 😊

My experience is that the International manufacturers are the most eager to cut deals. Yeah see Jeff at High Water Sound but you may get some sticker shock at the price of the components in his room. Good guy good stuff. Really good horns if you like horns. I dont but find his line very listenable.  

Make sure to listen to any vinyl purchased at an event like this ASAP! Also, put a post-it on the jacket regarding who sold it to you. I (finally) bought the first King Crimson LP but neglected to play it for months. Worst damn record I ever heard. Maximum static and crackles -a total waste.

Don't forget to ask about seller's return policy and get receipts.

Only Amped displays a 20% off show sale. PS Audio traditionally did show sales but Paul ain't going cuz of Covid.