Ayre V3 Owners

Hello, I recently aquired an Ayre V3 amplifier as a gift from a friend that went to tubes. It appears to be an original version with no upgrades. Can anyone tell me what the upgrades are and are they worth the effort. The Ayre uses chokes just like my Musical Fidelity hence my interest.
I wouldn't invest in any upgrades. Twice I've heard presentations by Ayre sales team talking about their current products and twice they referred to what they've learned since "we didn't know much with our V3 design". Kinda made me cringe when I heard that. Cheers,
That is definitely cringe worthy. I have been playing it and there is a low level buzz coming from the chokes not the main transformer. I used a power conditioner and a DC blocker to no effect. I think thats how the chokes on this amp are. My M6prx has chokes and it is dead quiet.
Cringeworthy? I like the honesty in that statement.
I recall hearing the V3 driving a pair of Avalon Acoustics Eidolons in the main room at the later dB Audio on Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley and commented to myself just how luscious that system sounded.

Give Ayre a call with the serial number. You can trust their suggestions. Personally, I'd have it gone through. If anything else it makes for a terrific compact back up unit or a loaner. I would not sell it.
The V3 is a classic. Loved mine when I had it and only sold because I was moving overseas at the time.  As above, hold onto it and see what Ayre can do for you.
The buzzz is gone. I followed a suggestion and coated the two large chokes with a quality epoxy and now it is dead quiet. I have been playing it in my bedroom system driving Aerial 10T speakers and a VTL 2.5 preamp. I am very happy with the overall sound and imaging. I did not realize that this amp is class A until I measured the heat it generates during operation. Using a laser thermometer I measured 141 degrees F at the center of the heat sinks. I found a Stereophile review that states it is heavily biased in class A. It is definitely a keeper. The amp in my main system also uses chokes, Musical Fidelity M6PRX,  and has triple the power and barely gets warm. 
great amp had it long time ago and just purchased one in great condition no buzzing from chokes, it looks like amp was never played
it is a great amp
and the newer stuff, where they learned more are even better....

what I would find cringeworthy would be a company that said we knew everything......

Charlie RIP

and for grins, why not sub it in for the MF, power isn’t everything... ( and I am a MF fan , try an AMS-100 for grins)
almost all V3s should be recapped and readjusted for optimum sound quality, they run hot and bias and offset can drift and caps can dry, I did mine including small caps it sounds lovely nothing can match it at this point


I would like to get my ayre recaped. 

What is the best capacitors brand did you use.