AZ Satori - Jumper cables or "Gun" biwired?

I was considering an audition of Acoustic Zen Satori speaker cable in my system. With PSB Straus Goldi's, I figured ordering the shotgun biwire pair was a "no brainer". I then asked one of the guys at AZ (not Mr. Lee) about ordering and he suggested that the way to really do it is with a mono pair and a 6" jumper cable. I asked if that was becasue of my specific speakers and he said, no, he does such with his $17K pair because, in his opinion, AZ Satoris work best in this setup. A bit taken aback, I begged off an immediate purchase in order to ponder this option. Anyone out the have experience with comparing these cables in these two different configurations?
I also called Acoustic Zen a while back. Robert Lee (great guy to talk to) said that the Satori Shotguns would be recommended for anything more than a 2 way speaker even over his new Hologram cables with Jumpers.

Did he happened to tell you how he used to sell cables to Transparent, MIT and Monster?
I have the Satori with the jupers, and like you I was a bit taken back when told that I should go with jumpers. I had ordered another pair of Satori for a diffrent system, and decided to try biwiring my speakers with both sets to see if it improved. You know I prefer it with the jumpers. A big step up is to go with Hologram single wire and Satori jumpers, that is what I am using now and for me the Hologram was a significant improvment on the Satori
I had two pairs of Satori on my MG3.6R, one pair was high pass and the other low pass. Now I have a single pair with the jumpers and think the sound is more cohesive and accurate. There is not a huge difference in the price considering the cost of the jumpers, but I prefer the single run for now.
Several weeks ago I was going through the same thing. I called Robert Lee and he told me that the Holograms were going through a change. He told me to try both to see what I would like (he would send them to me to try). He also told me that he prefered the mono runs of the Holograms with the Satori jumpers to the Satori Shotguns. He has B&W speakers (I also have them but not the same models) and he uses the mono runs with jumpers. This goes against everthing I have read. Robert said that the music would blend better. Go figure, but get both and try, then send the ones you do not want back.