B&W 802 and Stillpoints

Has anyone put their B&W 802's on Stillpoints? I removed the casters, and made plates to accommodate 1/4 inch bolts onto which I placed Stillpoints with inverse risers. This seemed to clean up the bass a bit, but there seems to be less overall punch...perhaps from having the speakers a bit higher off the floor? I'd be interested in anyone elses experience with these, or other alternatives.
hate to say it but I've actually tried my speakers on several different bases during a recent redux of my av world and I came to the conclusion that I could mount to a bed of Hostess brand snack cakes with no obvious impact to the music.

I think I have good ears but who knows!
I have tried my Parsifals on the hostess twinkee's and the cup cakes. I did not like either. The cup cakes made the sound to dark and the twinkee's added a bit of air and lightness at first but eventually I got tired of them and a little nauseous. I did try stillpoints once under a pair of Focal 1027be and did not notice any difference other than the still points would have been $1000 for two sets of four with risers. If I paid that I might have found a benefit. I do however feel the still points are easier to clean up after. I do use stillpoints on my electronics and find everything from modest to very significant benefit.
Thanks! Looking forward to more input. I've listened a bit more, and not sure I like what I hear. Maybe back to the casters.
Ralph it sort of sounds like you are working with hard floors given your description. What about using a thick layer of putty or elastomer. It seems that one method of this is to couple the vibration to an immovable object (like bookshelves on a stand with blutak) or to provide some isolation from vibration. In this case it seems logical to assume we are trying to decouple the speaker from the floor. One increases coupling and one decouples. How about a experiment where you go over the top in each direction to see which works. One is putty coupling to the floor, while the other is a urethane or something between the speaker and the floor to absorb (decouple) the speaker induced vibrations. Just a thought. Curious to hear what you decide/find. I was not kidding about not hearing anything in my system. That does not mean though that I'm not willing to experiment if someone finds something interesting.

I have recently put the Ultra Stillpoint footers attached with inserts under my Sophia III,s and the difference was a double-wow, but the real surprise happened when i did the same for a pair of JL-f113 subs and that,also, made just as drastic improvement. Not just in bass but mids and highs also. Even though i have the latest SP rack with all units on Ultras the difference under the speakers made the most difference. The rack and ultras were unfortunately put in last due to various reasons, but these made the difference of being totally satisfied and not quite happy.
Which 802's M,N,or D, or Diamond? I have the 802s3 Matrix on dedicated sound anchor stands with beefy cone points. Amazing Bass, clarity and imaging.
What are you driving them with?
Marc777, did you put the ulta's on hard flooring or carpet? I am considering trying them, but wonder how this would work on carpet direct. Would it be an option to put a maple board underneath - or even een maple board with spikes? any thoughts?
Finite Elemente has Cerabase especially made for B&W. They look like the real deal:

P.S. I have the Kef 207/2...wonder if the Finites also fit under these....have to check
Edorr, I have the ultras on carpet. In my case I have 2 Ultra Padz by Symposium under the front feet of my speakers, in order to raise the tweeters to desired level. If you try the Ultras let me know your results. What speakers do you have and do you have a sub? In my case, at first there seemed to be less bass, and that was correct. What was gone was a cabinet resonance around 40 to 60 Hz. What was left was tuneful bass with tempo set by bass. I did have to bring up my subs somewhat to compensate. Besides this the mids and highs improved markedly. PS As far as wood underneath, I would try it if you feel it is needed, but it never hurts to listen and hear for oneself.
Marc, I installed my Ultra's directly on the carpet as advised by Bruce @ Stillpoints. Works beautifully, more detail, and cleaner sound. Never expected this much improvement. I am using them with Verity Audio Parsifals. I am about to order another set for my center channel (Kef 204c), which currently sits on top of my audio rack on sorbothane pucks.
Edorr, When you get your ultras in you may want to try them under your sub, assuming you have one,also. The difference was just as marked as the floor was being vibrated causing more difference than one would assume possible in the playback of music. Happy listening, Marc
I am not quite prepared to spend >1,000 for 8 x ultra for my two subs, but I am seriously considering getting 2 sets of universal dampers and put them on inverted (risers) as a cheaper alternative.