BAACH two week report

I have the BACCH4Mac going, easy to use once you get the hang of it. O M G! No going back. Will add another someday to my B system too. Did I drink the kool-aid? Youbetcha.

The A system room it's in isn't the best either. But now it sure sounds like it. 


@tump350  For first time use I was guided over the phone for plugging in and use. At time of purchase I was questioned about DAC having right imputs for use w/ the Baach.  It did. 

I had guessed correctly what plugged into what. But waited for Sensei to guide me  

I should be able to plop down later today for some more enveloped listening. 

Thanks for the info. Congrats, doesn't sound like it was too involved to set up.  Given Magister's disertations on the nature and quality of Bacch in the abstract, I am very interested in your before and and after sq opinions, i know this is all system dependant and YMMV but, first hand impressions are always useful.

Enjoy your listening and take your time!

Congratulations! I will read your impression...

And everyone here must read them to .... 😊

@tump350  Before is in the past. For my rig the Grimm streamer/Weiss DAC bested a Lumin X1. Simpley put that marvellous Grimm (oxymoronic wording) is now three dimensional, fuller if you will, than before. Not every recording has various instruments floating at different clock points but even poor recordings fill out more. 

Putting my chase in terms of money, spending on this would have saved it’s price many times over if this was the only fancy thing/tweak added. I know that’s a big claim. Sure a lot of it drops the noise floor but BUT wowzer. 


The BAACH SP hardware was out of my budget and their other options seemed confusing until a later review I saw.  The cost of the MAC plus the BAACH at ~7k is much easier on my budget.  Not sure if the BAACH4MAC degrades the sound in any way though, but I'm willing to try the BAACH4MAC as those who have give extremely positive reviews.  Thanks for posting