Balanced Interconnect Cable for ATC Active Monitor

I´m loocking for IC cable for active monitor like ATC SCM50A or SCM100A.
Anybody knows which ones Telarc use ?
Please let me know your experience, suggest and recomendations.
Telarc have been long used Monster Cable M1500, M1.5, Series I & III Prolink, Pro-1000 and Music Interface Technologies Proline Balanced IC's.

Typical gear used: Mix: Sonoma 24 DSD (AtoD custom converters by Ed Meitner), Preamp: Ed Metiner's Switchman, Monitors (with built-in Amps): ATC, Cables: Monster/Proline

Most of these higher quality interconnects provide superior EM/RF shielding, as well as being more durable than low cost ones. The MIT's can allow for impedance matching - a feature that is useful if you have a variety of gear/microphones that you like to switch in and out - but kind of overkill for domestic needs, IMHO.

Why in world would you want to know what Telarc uses?? Their applications/needs are way different from yours.
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I want to know what Telarc use because, as you saw, there are a litle number of Audiogon members that have exprience with powered monitors like ATC, Genelec, PMC or Adams.
Thank you Shadorne.
We've supported balanced line operation longer than anyone else in high end audio- if you want a good quality inexpensive interconnect that works great with the ATC, Mogami Neglex '4-wire' cable is a great way to go.

Balanced line operation was devised to reduce or eliminate interconnect cable problems, meaning that if your balanced line system is set up properly, short and expensive cables will not be required, even for reference level work. In this case what this also means is that the preamp should have the ability to drive long interconnects (over 50 feet)- check with the manufacturer to see if that is the case! If not, you will also have to spend real cash on the cable too, so this quality in the preamp is very important!
Pay attention to Atmaspheres' suggestion; I did, and am veriy satisfied with the Mogami Neglex balanced cables Ralph recommended.
I use Mogami and Yorkville. I like Mogami - really good quality well built stuff at a fair price - I hope this helps to throw my vote in for Mogami.

However, I'll be honest, I can't recall what is where exactly. I think I use Mogami on some of the short interconnects and the cheaper Yorkville on longer runs. I probably would have bought all Mogami (I like the quality) but I suspect they didn't have them in all lengths I needed in the guitar center at the time I went there.

I can't say as I would ever really notice a difference between one properly connected interconnect and another - my hearing just isn't that good or some would say my source is too poor/cheap to make a difference (anyone reading these threads will know I am a skeptic in regard to teh need for extremely high priced cables). Honestly, to put things in perspective, most of my audio frustration has been with room setup, speakers and power amplifiers but even these issues pale in comparison to my frustration with the multitude of poor quality recordings (nothing fixes a lousy recording and nothing brings more joy than a great recording - even on a mediocre system)

FWIW: I have not been that happy with RCA to XLR (sometimes a hum or hiss). I suspect you need to go XLR balanced gear to get the true benefit of these properly shielded interconnects. (Again to reiterate what Ralph said)
I wonder if anyone shares my experience of studio Vs home set ups? I have 2 active monitor set ups in my life currently, a Genelec in our production studio for which I use Canary ICs directly from the Yamaha mixer board; been using them for years. At home I have ATC SCM50 active towers for which I use Harmonix HS-101 GP ICs. Seems to me that I spend more $ on my domestic set up than in the studio. But let me just share this, when I did connect up the Harmonix in the studio, WHAT A DIFFERENCE! However I would be worried about mixing down with them for many reasons. Bottom line? I'm not worried about replicating a studio set up at home or vice versa. Studio listening is work and can even be tiring, home listening is relaxed, enjoyable and maybe even non-neutral. So for my ATCs at home, aside from the Harmonix HS101GP I now use, I am really interested to test the Audience AU24e cables. I use Audience for my sources and they are so delicious. My 2 cents.