Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
you guys are making me wish I was back in my hometown...Westminster, where the disease first took hold....have fun & cheers fellas
I can also do Thursday Sep 8 (but not the 9th). I'm leaning towards Mari Luna from people's descriptions. Any objections?

It looks like Thursday, Sept. 8 is a go! Would 7:30 work for everyone? After Hartwerger's ringing endorsement for Mari Luna, I suggest to meet there unless someone is opposed to Mexican. Do we have an audio date??
Oops. Something that didn't occur to me earlier today is that Mari Luna doesn't have a liquor license, but you can you bring your beer and wine. If that's problem, we can change the place. At least we know the date and time is good for most of us. Sorry that I forgot about that aspect (though I suppose its a good thing that I'm not thinking about alcohol first thing in the morning).