Amplifier repair in the Baltimore/Washington area

I had a fairly close lightning strike about a week and a half ago that left a couple of my various electronics in different states of partial failure.  (Despite the fact that my amp is behind a surge suppressor.)

My home theater amp, a Sherbourn 5/1500A, now makes a couple really loud popping sounds on startup.  Otherwise, it seems to work fine.  I contacted Emotiva (which bought out Sherbourn), and they said that they don't provide repair services for any of their legacy systems.

Can anyone provide recommendations for a good tech in the Baltimore/Washington area to look over the amp?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Michael,

Protech in Silver Spring has done some work for me, they are also authorized by Mcintosh to do work on their equipment.  I was very satisfied.  Good luck.

+1 on both Protech and Music Technology.
I have used them both. You might find yourself having to be patient as they both, in my experience, are usually pretty loaded with work. Often a sign of a good shop.
Another +1 on Bill Thalmann at Music Technology. He does excellent work with a specialty in high end tube gear.
+ another on Music Technology though turnaround times can be a but slow as noted above.