Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
ok i am in for Next Thursday, Sept 8th @ 7:30pm at Mari Luna I am not familier with the neighborhood can some one post an address so i can mapquest it
I am an african american who has been interested in hi-fidelity and stereo for some years now. Prior to going to Germany in 1982 we attempted to get a club started in the Washington DC area, but never got off the ground. I would certainly be interested in this venture, but would not be able to make the Sept 8 meeting because I am going out of town on Sept 9th. I live in the Randallstown area of Baltimore Maryland and not all that familiar with Reisterstown but look forward to the club getting off the ground.
Well, I just called Mari Luna's and they do not take reservations. I think it is important that we are assured a table at our first meeting. I went ahead, as per Hartwerger's other suggestion and since Mexican seems acceptable and made reservations for Thursday, Sept. 8 at 7:30 pm under "Audio" at Don Pablos instead.

Here are directions from 795:

Take exit 4, Owings Mills Blvd.
Take Owings Mills Blvd South toward Town Center/Randallstown
Turn slight left to take ramp toward Red Run Blvd/Lakeside Blvd and turn left onto Red Run Blvd
Take 1st right onto Restaurant Blvd

The address is 1 Restaurant Blvd and the phone number is 410-902-0300

I hope this works for everyone and look forward to meeting you all.

We'll keep those who can't make the meeting posted!!
Hi...unfortunately, I will not be able to attend tonight. Please keep me in the loop. Have fun!