Bands who'se names describe thier sound.

I saw another thread that was about a band that has a 1 word name that perfectly describes thier sound.


Anyone know any other bands that have a name that perfectly describes thier music?

Ill throw another one out as weell to help get this kicked off. ENIGMA....

any takers?
Iron Butterfly

The most annoying drum beat and song title of all time. In a godda whatever.

IMHO that is.
Names which are the antithesis of their sound would be a good thread as well, like Nirvana? The Fabulous Thunderbirds? As for names consistent with sound, how about Southern Culture on the Skids? The Bangles? The Smiths? Ok, that last one is a reach.
Sly & the Family Stone (only from "Fresh" onward)
James White & the Blacks
MOUNTAIN Leslie West & Felix Pappalardi
URIAH HEEP David Byron
UFO Michael Schenker
APHRORITE´S CHILD Vangelis & Demis Roussos
APOTEOSI Silvana Ida´
RENAISSANCE, both I feat. Jane Relf and II feat. Annie Haslam
Arti + Mestieri
AREA - international POPular group - heh, they were the opposite ! Not popular and not international really although Demetrio Stratos was a Greek but just an incredible fusion band in fact.